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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C48

C48: Swimming in Gold (10)


“So, what happened to the gold?”

“……………………..I forgot.”

In the living room of Sablona Castle, Kagehiko sits deep in the sofa and looks up at the sky. Sana is sitting on the opposite sofa, staring at Kagehiko with a dumbfounded expression.

“No, I couldn’t help it. I was swallowed by a whale, and then four or five Nekomimi beastmen appeared in front of me.”

“I understand that, but what are you doing there?”

“Hahahaha, you’re such an idiot!”

In the living room, there is also Saria, floating in the air. For some reason, the ghost girl is dressed in a maid’s uniform, and she flies over Kagehiko’s head without a care for the hem of her skirt.

“So what happened to Nono’s family?”

“They’re all still working as fishermen at the port. Here’s a souvenir.”

Kagehiko took out a fish from the item box and placed it on the table. The otherworldly fish, similar to skipjack tuna, looked very tasty and fatty.

“It seems that life has become more difficult now that we have more money to eat, but we also have more labor. I’m sure you’ll be able to get by.”

“At any rate, it’s good to see your family reunited.”

“Yeah, I hope this means they’ll stop going after the millennial whale…….”

Kagehiko sighed as he remembered how Nono had been when they parted.

“I’ll let you join us, Kagehiko. We’ll have a barbecue together”

“By the way, are you married, Kagehiko? Would you be interested in becoming Nono’s husband?”

“Hahaha, now you can have four cat parents as a bonus!”

“I probably won’t go to the beach because they all have poor breasts.”

“I won’t tolerate any criticism of poor breasts!”

Not only Sana, but even Saria glares at Kagehiko. Kagehiko waves his palm and brushes the two women’s gazes away.

“So, no harvest this time, Kagehiko? What should we do? If you don’t have any money, I can give you some.”

“I’m not stupid enough to borrow money from you, because the interest would be too high.”

“Besides,” Kagehiko added. It wasn’t that there was no harvest. He found something unexpected. Kagehiko took it out of the item box and tossed it to Sana.

“Oh my God! What the hell is this?”

“Ambergris……or dragon drool.”

At first glance, it looked like a strangely shaped stone. It was about the size of the palm of my hand, with a speckled pattern of white, black and yellow. I found it stuck to the ship after it was ejected from the whale, and peeled it off.

It has a very distinctive smell because it is a mass of fat and gastric juice, but it is traded at a high price, mainly as an ingredient for incense. I don’t know what the market price is in this part of the world, but in Japan it could be as high as 2,000 yen per gram.

“Regardless of its value as incense, it’s the excrement of a millennial whale. The amount of magic power contained in it seems to be quite high, so it can be sold at a high price as an ingredient for magic potions.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to obtain a good price on it.”

“Of course, I didn’t get the……I wanted, but I’ll take what I can get.”

Kagehiko coughed and threw the dragon-drool into the air and put it away in the item box. He was in a good mood, laughing, when Saria opened her mouth as if she remembered.

“By the way, why is this sister going in and out of the castle like it’s normal? This is my brother’s and mine castle, right?”



Kagehiko looked at Sana. If he thought about it, why was this girl relaxing on the couch like she owned the place? When Kagehiko glared at her, Sana awkwardly scratched her cheek with her finger.

“Well……do you want me to pay rent? With my body?”


Sana was joking, but she was thrown out of the castle that day.

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