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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C49

C49: The Characters (5)


Kagehiko Kurono

Formerly a [Sage] in the Hero Party now a [Thief]. This time, he hasn’t transformed into the Phantom Thief Shadow.

This time, he embarks on a whale hunt for a millennial whale with the purpose of obtaining gold. He forgot about the most important thing, the gold, but he got the whale excrement. The material was sold for a good price.

His favorite seafood is salmon. The fact that they return to the river where they were born is very cute. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to go back to his world and it’s a little homesick.



A 17-year-old beastman fisherman. She calls herself a lioness, but she is really a white cat. She claims to be a mutated white lion, but her entire family has pure white fur.

In order to fulfill her family’s long-cherished wish, she tries to catch a millennial whale, but the scared sailors escape, and she is forced to take Kagehiko on board. She encounters her mother and ancestors in the stomach of the whale. The hunt for the whale fails, but she is not ready to give up. Her next chance will come in ten years.

Her favorite seafood is tuna. There are so many parts that can be eaten that it’s a bargain.


Millennial Whale

A whale as huge as an island. Basically, they live in the deep sea, but come to the surface once every ten years to feed. They use space-time magic to store food in their stomachs, so they can always enjoy the fresh taste.

In fact, it is not a monster, but a cachalot that just happens to have mastered magic. When he stopped aging due to the effects of space-time magic, his growth period did not end, and his body continued to grow. He is troubled by the fact that there are no females to mate with because he has grown so large. He isn’t a picky eater, eating ships, rocks, and anything else he can get his hands on. Once every thousand years, it vomits out all the food it cannot digest. Even without Kagehiko, they could have escaped in another 300 years or so.

His favorite seafood is squid, but he is especially fond of the great king whale. He is concerned about his bad breath.


Nana, Nini, Nunu, Nene.

Nono’s ancestors. All of them are noisy when they are together.

Being swallowed by a whale reaffirms the importance of family. From now on, they plan to expand their clan and target the whale as a team. All of them are still alive and well, with a physical age of around 20. They are looking for a good male, and at the moment, Kagehiko is the best candidate, and if the five of them get together, they should be able to take him…….!”

They like all kinds of seafood. In the whale’s stomach they couldn’t be picky and had to eat whatever was available to survive.



A waitress at a diner. She is also an agent of the Dark Guild.

When Kagehiko finds out that she has been making a room in Sablona Castle without permission, her belongings are thrown out. But no worries, there is more than one room that she has secured. She asked her friends in the Dark Guild to build her a hidden passage in the castle, which she still goes through in secret.

Her favorite seafood is octopus. Looking at those eight legs makes her a little horny. When she told this to Kagehiko, he was seriously disturbed.

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