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I was sold at the lowest price C124

I was sold at the lowest price C124: Top Secret


Rafishal and Obi-Wan would be joining us at a later date. They said it would take them a few days to prepare, as they had to take care of the work they were currently undertaking and sort out the luggage they were taking with them.

With an excellent mechanic on board, Liza returned to the ride carrier in a good mood and began humming along as she serviced the magicrafts. Seeing that Liza was so happy after all the hard work she had put in, it could be said that the addition of Rafishal and Obi-Wan was the right decision.

Then there was a bit of an uproar when Jean reported my revealed Ludia value to our friends back at the ride carrier.

“That’s the man I’m in love with.”

Alana calmly accepted that.

“You’re talking lightly about a million to two million in Ludia value, but if the world finds out about this, it’ll be a major uproar.”

Emina was concerned about the public’s reaction. Jean listened to Emina’s words and warned her that it went without saying.

“This is a top secret of the Iron Knights, so Linnecarlo don’t tell Yudin, or anyone else.”

“I know. Well, even if I told them, no one would probably believe me.”

And the reaction of the rest of the group……

Nanami, Farma, and Lorgo didn’t seem to care about the one million Ludia value, and were happy to see what I had purchased on today’s shopping trip. Arthur pointed at me, his mouth agape and shaking as if he was about to pass out.

Furthermore, when I reported that the Great Sage Rafishal would be joining us as a mechanic, the quiet Farma was unusually excited.

“The Great Sage Rafishal……is a person I admire. He was the first person to create a magicraft……How wonderful that he’s alive! Yuta, will he really join the Iron Knights?”

“Yeah, he promised me, though I’ll be forced to help him with something in return.”

“What did he look like? A nice uncle?”

“No, I think he’s only an uncle on the inside. He’s a beautiful woman on the outside.”

“I see. So he is a sister.”

After all, the excitement level was at its maximum, and she didn’t mind the contradiction between the older man on the inside and the younger woman on the outside.

“Yup, Yuta!”

Arthur, who had been dumbfounded earlier, called me with a strange tone and grabbed my hand firmly.

“What……are you doing, Arthur……?”

“You……don’t understand the gravity of the situation! One million, one million! This is a major event that will change the course of history!”

“Don’t react like that. Like Jean said, whether it’s one million or two million, we’re not going to announce it to the world, so it doesn’t matter.”

“What a waste! Just being a mercenary group with a rider with a million Ludia value is enough to attract a lot of attention, and that’s enough to keep you in business for the rest of your life! The world will pay attention to the Iron Knights, they will become popular, and even I will be……”

I know what you mean, though. Why do you hold my hand so tightly?

“Linnecarlo, do something about it.”

When I asked her for help, she grabbed a magazine and smacked Arthur on the head as hard as she could.

“Don’t be silly, Arthur! What do you think will happen if the world learns of the existence of the one million Ludia value? It will start a world war for Yuta! Imagine the sacrifices that would be made!”

Arthur crouches down, holding his head, unable to refute her words, or perhaps his head hurts from the beating.

“Linnecarlo is right, if we’re not careful we’ll have to go to war with the world. And for the same reason, don’t tell anyone about the Great Sage Rafishal.”

Jean reminded everyone of this.

“Well, even if I told anyone, no one would believe Yuta’s Ludia value or that the Great Sage Rafishal is alive.”

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  1. Bi Cu

    I think 2 people. One is Yuki, the second is Nagisa. Nagisa is Yuta’s childhood friend, so he will believe. And Yuki of course will believe because she loves Yuta not to mention seeing Yuta using magicianta

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