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I was sold at the lowest price C125

I was sold at the lowest price C125: Three Persons and Three Signs


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My first day in Baranuca was over and the next day – for some reason I was supposed to go shopping with Linnecarlo. The following day would be Alana’s turn and then Nanami.

“Yuta, the next one is that way.”

I had been forced to accompany her on a shopping spree, and to carry the large amount of merchandise she had purchased. It seems that this is the reason why she came shopping with me. If it’s only about power, Lorgo is far more powerful than me, so why not invite him……?

“Linnecarlo…..let’s get some rest.”

My body is screaming from the heavy load, and it’s getting a little hard to keep going.

“I don’t have a choice…….Well, then, let’s take a break over there!”

Linnecarlo said, pointing to a large hotel, her face red for some reason.

“No, I don’t need that big a break, I just want to sit down for a while, the teahouse there is enough.”

“So……yes, let’s have tea.”

Linnecarlo agreed with a bit of regret.

At the teahouse I ordered a cup of charcoal bean tea, which is similar to coffee, and Linnecarlo ordered a cup of fruit juice.

“How good is charcoal bean tea?”

“It’s not about the taste, it’s about the atmosphere.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“What about you, with that of fruit juice?”

“It’s all right.”

To be honest, the charcoal bean tea here was not very good, and I felt an irresistible urge to drink the juice that Linnecarlo was drinking.

“Let me have a little taste.”

I said and took Linnecarlo’s juice. I felt bad about using the straw she was using, so I put my mouth on the glass and took a sip straight from it.

“Yeah, it’s nice and cold.”

“……It’s definitely well chilled.”

As she said this, Linnecarlo put her mouth on the glass as I did and started to drink.

“Hey, don’t you use a straw?”

“I was just copying the way…..Yuta was drinking it because it looked so good!”

Did I say something wrong……?


The next day, today, I was going out with Alana.

“Alana, where are we going today?”

“I’m going to a nice place where I can be alone with Yuta.”

Alana bought some food and other things at a store in town and rented a ride hover. We continued to ride in the ride hover and came to the outskirts of the city. It was a place with rich nature around a lake.

“Here, Yuta, take that.”


Alana began to set up her tent there. It seemed that we would be camping here.

“So, camping is a culture on this side of the world.”

“They say it was spread by the people of Earth a long time ago.”

“Oh, I see. That’s right.”

After setting up the tent, we built a fire and started cooking camping rice. Well, even though it was camping rice, the cooking was simple, not to say bold, like roasting meat over an open fire or roasting vegetables over the fire without cutting them.

When the food was ready, we sat down in chairs and ate it while looking at the lake. Alana seems to be relaxing with a well-chilled drink.

“Yuta, are you used to this world yet?” She asked me abruptly.

“Well, I guess you could say I’ve gotten used to it. I don’t find it particularly inconvenient or stressful, so I guess I’m adapting.”

“That’s good, but you can always tell me if you have any problems.”

“I know, I’ll talk to you about it.”

If I were to ask for advice from anyone in the Iron Knights it would be Jean or Alana.


Nanami was in a good mood this morning. She was really looking forward to going out with me, and she woke me up when the sun was still up.

“Yuta! You’ll be with Nanami all day today.”

“All right, we haven’t had much time to play together lately, so let’s have some fun today!”

When I said that, Nanami nodded happily. The first place Nanami wanted to go was to the zoo. I was a little happy to see that there was such a facility in this world. The animals in this world were very different from the ones on Earth.

“It’s cute.”


I don’t know if my aesthetic sense is wrong, but I didn’t think it was cute at all, but Nanami seemed happy to see it, so that was okay.

In the area where you can interact with the animals, Nanami asked me while feeding the small animals.

“Do you and your family ever go to places like this?”

“Yes, we did, though only occasionally.”

Most of the time I was with Nagisa’s family, but we did go on trips and such on a very regular basis.

“That’s right……because Nanami didn’t do such things……”

Oh, shoot, Nanami was even sold by her family, so there’s no way that event could have happened. I hurriedly followed up.

“The Iron Knights are like a family now, let’s bring everyone along next time.”

When I said this, the hand that had been feeding the small animals stopped for a moment, but she quickly smiled and said, “Yes, it could be fun with Farma and Lorgo.”

As much as the past was painful, I wanted to make the future even better.

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  1. LOTRfreak101

    Usually authors would give at least a whole chapter to a date rather than just one. it’s a bit surprising to see 3 in one chapter. I guess the author doesn’t really plan to make romance an important part of the story.

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