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I was sold at the lowest price C128

Episode 128 Emou Kingdom


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After entering the Emou Kingdom, the Iron Warriors decided to make a supply run at the royal capital before entering the underground ocean current in the Beal Life Canyon. Although Rafishal said we’d get there in no time at all, upon closer inspection, we learned that we’ d have to travel for five days through the empty currents beneath the earth, and that our current supplies would be insufficient.

“‘The speed of the new ride carrier is quite fast.”

“It’s definitely faster, but I didn’t feel it that much on the trip from Meltaria to Baranuca.”

“Maybe it’s because the pilot has changed, Fistina has a higher Ludia value than I do.”

From Baranuca, the newly joined Fistina was piloting the ride carrier.

“Fistina, what is your Ludia value?”

Fistina, who was sitting in the pilot’s seat of the ride carrier, thought for a moment when Alana asked her that, and then answered, “Three thousand.”

But when Jean heard this, he asked Fistina.

“Didn’t you say 2,500 at the interview?”

“Oh……that’s right, it was 2500.”

She misspoke her Ludia value and there was a small laugh on the bridge. Fistina is a bit spaced out in general.

“We’re almost at the Emou Kingdom’s capital, we’ll leave as soon as we’ve got the supplies.”

“Yeah, let’s go play a little.”

When Nanami said this, Jean quickly replied, “You’ve had a lot of fun in Baranuca.”

Jean was in a hurry to get to our destination, it looks like he wants to see the orichalcon as soon as possible.

When we arrived at the capital, Jean and Alana went to arrange for supplies. I was invited by Nanami and Farma to take a walk around the area. I don’t think it’s dangerous, but just in case, I’ll take Emina with me as a guard.

“Look, look, there’s a weird ornament.”

As I walked around the street, being careful not to say “weird” in front of the shopkeeper, I saw a large square at the end of the street that was crowded with people.

“Let’s go there.”

In the square, there were many different, colorful magicrafts lined up. At the feet of the machines, people who seemed to be their riders were gathering around and talking about something.

I was curious about what they were doing, so I approached them and listened to what they had to say.

“What are you doing gathering here?”

When I asked, a stern man told me.

“There’s a magicraft betting match going on right now, and if you win you get a lot of money.”

I see, so that’s why there are so many magicrafts gathered here.

“Come on, let’s start the magicraft wager! Is there any challenger? The rules of the game are simple: If you can make the magicraft, Rough Gun, fall to the ground within three minutes, the challenger wins. The prize money is 5 million gold! There’s no entry fee, so keep challenging!”

The prize money was five million gold, there was no entry fee, and the challenger didn’t have to pay a single gold even though it was a betting match. The riders who had gathered jumped at this unilateral offer. They lined up one after another, forming a long queue for the challenge.

“Why don’t you try it, Yuta? Maybe Yuta can get the prize.”

I don’t know, I guess I could certainly at least make him fall……but I decided to watch the fights to see what it was like.

Rough Gun seemed to be a heavy magicraft, with a stable center of gravity that would be difficult to roll over. It’s rider was already on board waiting for the challenger to come forward.

“I’m Flaming Dunlash, leader of the most powerful mercenary group in the East, the Fiery Bomb Squad! I’ll take the prize money!”

I wondered what kind of riders would gather in a place like this, but apparently there were many of my peers.

“Time limit is three minutes! Let’s begin!”

Since there was a time limit, Flaming Dunlash ran and hit Rough Gun at once. It’s true that just hitting him might be enough to make him fall, if the hit was strong enough but the two magicrafts collided violently.

Whether it was the difference in mass or the difference in power, Rough Gun didn’t move an inch but Flaming Dunlash magicraft was flung back.

“Rough Gun it’s a heavy type, and if the goal is to make it fall, it’s going to be very difficult.”

That’s what Emina, who was watching, analyzed. When I hear how difficult it is, I kind of want to give it a try……

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    He’ll probably succeed since his Ludia Value is pretty much heaven and earth against the current civilization there lmao
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