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I was sold at the lowest price C129

Episode 129 Gambling Match


This is Monday ch and I released it by mistake earlier, so no chapter in 9 hours at the regular time.

Flaming Dunlush was unable to defeat Rough Gun in three minutes, as expected. Dunlush left the venue with his shoulders slumped. I thought there was no risk, but if I put my name on the line and challenge him to a fight, I’ll end up disgracing my name and the name of my organization if I fail. But on the other hand, if I win, I’ll be making a name for myself…….

It seemed to be quite difficult to make Rough Gun fall, as Emina had predicted, and the challenges ended in failure one after another. After about a dozen challenges, the mood among the participants was that it would be impossible to defeat the Rough Gun.

“I think I’ll give it a shot……”

It was Farma who said that.

“Are you serious, Farma?”

“Yeah, I think my Garuda could take it down…….However, we have to make a name for ourselves, and if I fail, I’ll ruin the name of the Iron Knights.”

“Don’t worry about that, in any case, the Iron Knights are still an unknown mercenary group. We’re not famous enough to be disgraced, so go all out!”

It was unusual for Farma to be so aggressive, and I supported her challenge. Farma returned to the ride carrier, came back with Garuda, and then got in line for the match.

The challenge continued, and the magicraft Rough Gun dismissed the challengers one after another easily. Finally, it was Farma’s turn.

“Iron Knights……Farma……”

The gallery around her made a lot of noise when she said her name, and Rough Gun, who had fought off some of the most famous mercenaries in the world, began to tease her.

“Hey, hey, do you think a woman with such a small magicraft can defeat me?”

“It’s too much of a joke, even if it’s free! Don’t do this just to chill out!”

“Well, maybe not, but good luck, I’m rooting for you!”

Nanami was annoyed by the gallery.

“You don’t know anything about Farma! She’s a good girl who works hard!”

I don’t think it matters if she’s a good girl or not…….

Garuda had a thin wire. Weapons are not banned, but what would you use something like that for?

“Now, the Iron Knights……uh, Farma’s challenge. The time limit is three minutes! Let the match begin!”

When the match started, Farma made a loop of the wire she was holding and threw it at Rough Gun. The loop went through the body and caught his feet. Okay, you’re good, just keep pulling…….Farma pulled the wire with all her might. However, the heavy Rough Gun did not falter.

“What’s wrong? He’s not moving at all! Put some effort into it!”

“Come on, let’s go!”

Farma was in no hurry and didn’t seem to care about the jokes but Garuda doesn’t have much power. Even if she hooked it with the wire I don’t think she could pull it down. But Farma seemed to have seen this coming. Garuda began to rise, pulling the wire. Seeing Garuda floating up into the sky, the gallery began to buzz loudly.

“Oh, it’s flying!

“A flying magicraft!”

Garuda pulled the wire as it rose. Perhaps not expecting to be pulled upward, Rough Gun was caught off his feet and lost his balance. Without missing the moment, Farma’s Garuda swooped down and charged Rough Gun from above, feet first. Boom! There was a dull sound, and Rough Gun fell to the ground. At that moment, Farma’s victory was confirmed.

When the victory was declared, cheers erupted and there was a great deal of excitement from the crowd of warriors.

Even though she was inferior in power, she did a great job of using the characteristics of her magicraft to her advantage.

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    Honestly thought Yuta was going to do the challenge xD
    Oh well, just goes to show you really can’t underestimate anything even if it’s smaller than you
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