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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C50

C50: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (1)


Sorry for being 12 hours late but it’s still Sunday for me πŸ™‚

St. Tachibana Academy of Magic. The academy, located in the royal capital of the Slayer Kingdom, was established 150 years ago by the heroes of the time.

The purpose of the school is to contribute to the development of magic technology by training excellent wizards regardless of their status or birth.

Although the school is located in the territory of the Slayer Kingdom, it is supported by several countries and has a system that is almost extraterritorial. Although nobles and royalty attend the school, commoners and nobles are basically treated equally and are not allowed to exercise their power publicly.

The school is a picture of fairness and equality…….Therefore, there is a unique hierarchy of “meritocracy”.

At the top of the hierarchy is the ” Advanced Magic Class”. It is a class that gathers only the top 20 students from among those who have passed the rigorous examinations to enter the school, and each student is an elite with a natural talent.

Many of the graduates of this class are welcomed into the courts of various countries as court wizards or aides to royalty and nobility. In addition, many of the people who have earned the title of [Sage] and stood at the top of the wizard class are from this class.

β€œWe’re getting a new teacher today, right?”

“Yes, there’s going to be a temporary magic instructor.”

“Hmm, I hope he’s better than the others.”

It was a hectic time in the morning before the start of school. On that day, teenage boys and girls were having such a conversation in the Advanced Magic Class.

In a class full of the country’s top 20 geniuses, the teachers were not necessarily respected people. The teachers assigned to this class were screened by the students of the advanced class to see if they were really qualified to teach, and if they were judged to be unqualified, they were even kicked out of the school.

When the students heard that a new teacher was coming, they naturally started to talk about it.

“What was the name of that female teacher the other day?”

“Oh, that woman with the glasses. I think she’s called……Corolla or something. I’m sure she’ll be quitting school soon.”

“It’s a shame, because the class was interesting, but if you can’t do……magic, you’re not fit to teach this class.”

Eventually, there was a knocking sound in the hallway and the door was opened. Entering the classroom was the rumored female teacher and a man in a suit around 30.

“Oh, um……I’d like to introduce you to the one who will be teaching you practical magic skills starting today.”

A beautiful female teacher with a slender nose and glasses opened her mouth with a nervous look on her face as she adjusted the position of her glasses several times.

After the female teacher’s introduction, the male teacher introduces himself.

“Nice to meet you all. I’m Kronos LeBlanc, and I’ll be teaching you the practical skills of magic from today.”

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