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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C51

C51: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (2)


How did Kagehiko Kurono end up working at St. Tachibana Academy as a teacher? It goes back to a few days ago.

“What’s the matter, there are even fewer customers today. Is this restaurant finally going to go out of business? Well, no one wants to eat food made by a bald man with a beard.”

“Don’t you dare say anything that might bring bad luck! If you have a problem with me, go home!”

In the evening, after completing his official duties as an adventurer, Kagehiko went to his favorite diner to have dinner. The restaurant, which was not as popular as it tasted due to the scary face of the owner, had even fewer customers than usual. The bald-headed owner also sat at the counter without cooking in the kitchen.

“What time do you think it is? This is the busiest time for restaurants. There is no future for restaurants that are empty at this time.”

“Damn, you’re so selfish! It’s not my fault that my restaurant is empty, it’s because of that thing!”

“The thing?”

I looked in the direction the owner was pointing and saw a woman at a table. A young woman in a navy blue women’s suit was propped up on the table with a bottle of liquor in her hand, sobbing.

“Who’s that? I’ve never seen her before.”

“It’s because of that gloomy woman that all the customers who come in leave right away! Damn it! It’s so annoying!”

“Hey, You can’t talk that loud……”

“I’m a maggot, and I’m a dead rat being eaten by a maggot. I’m sorry that I was born into this world and I’m a burden to everyone. I’m sorry I was born…….”

“……what the hell is that?”

“She came into the store in the afternoon, and she’s been like that for a long time. At first a regular customer tried to comfort her, but she soon gave up and left.”

“That’s right, they’re all going to leave me and go away. That’s how I will be left alone in the world, living in solitude and loneliness all the way until the final judgment day. Because of me, the world will…..”

“……She looks beautiful, but she’s such a disappointment. No, I can’t see her face.”

Her face is buried in the table, so I can’ t see her face, but her long black hair, white skin, and long, slender legs give off an aura of beauty. The only thing I regret about her is that her breasts are not of a big size.

“I don’t care if it’s Kagehiko, just take her somewhere else! Take her to your home, to a boarding house, whatever you want!”

“……I can’t bring myself to hold a damp woman like that. And her breasts are too small.”

“I have small breasts and a small human body anyway. I’m so small that I can’t even fit a cherry tomato in my mouth. Even if I have a child someday, it will probably be a child starved of motherhood because of my small breasts, and it will become a delinquent and be thrown into prison. So I will spend my old age alone and lonely…….”

“…………Can I leave too?”

“Don’t say that! I’ll give you a free meal for a while!”

“Oh dear, I’m in trouble now. I guess I’ll just throw her away somewhere else.”


Kagehiko picked the woman up from the table and half-hugged her as he led her out of the store. The woman’s face was exposed and her glasses looked good on her, giving her the appearance of a beautiful woman of science. If she were in her right mind, she would be quite a beauty, but she stubbornly refused to let go of the bottle of alcohol in her right hand, which was quite a pity.

“2nd rank magic [Phantom]. 3rd rank magic [Zero Gravity]”

After using illusion to hide himself and the woman, he used levitation magic to make his body float. He then flew over the roof and brought the woman to a park that seemed to be unpopulated.

“Well, I’ve put up wards so you won’t be attacked, so don’t worry. You might catch a cold, but that’s your own fault.”

Letting the woman sit on a park bench, Kagehiko tried to leave. But—

“No chanting magic. And double activation at……?”



The woman grabbed the edge of Kagehiko’s clothes firmly. Her fingers, which earlier had been clutching a bottle of wine as if it were a memento of her parents, are now grasping Kagehiko to keep him from escaping. The woman raises her head energetically.

”Oh, my God! You’re just like a [Sage]! Who the hell are you?”


The woman with glowing eyes comes up to Kagehiko. Where had the gloomy atmosphere of earlier gone? The eyes behind her glasses were blazing with emotion and curiosity.

“Oh, to meet a sage-class wizard here, this is fate! I beg you! Please take my place as a teacher at the magic school!”

“What? Huh?”

Kagehiko let out a dumbfounded voice at the woman’s determined attitude.

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