I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C52

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C52

C52: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (3)


The woman’s name was Emma Corolla. She seems to be a teacher at a school called St. Tachibana Academy of Magic, where she is in charge of a special class called the Advanced Magic Class.

It seems that Emma is highly regarded by the school as a researcher, and her knowledge of magic alone is said to be comparable to that of a sage, the highest level of wizards. This is the reason why she was entrusted with the special class…….However, Emma had a fatal flaw as a wizard.

It was the practical subjects. Emma seems to be able to satisfy the excellent students of the Advanced Class when it comes to classroom learning, but she seems to be incredibly bad at the practical use of magic.

Apparently, she lacks a certain innate sense. She couldn’t put the knowledge she had acquired to practical use, and was easily defeated in actual combat training by her students.

Because of this, even though she was able to become the homeroom teacher of the special class and go on to the elite course, she is still being ridiculed by the students and may be kicked out of the school if things continue as they are.

“It’s pretty tough to get fired for not being good at practical skills. You’re competent in classroom learning, aren’t you?”

“…..no matter how much knowledge I have, it’s useless if I can’t use magic…….”

Emma’s shoulders slumped. Her face, which was bright red from the alcohol, was clearly marked with tears. It seems that all the students in the Advanced Class are candidates for future [Sages] and are certain to be appointed to important positions such as court wizards. Therefore, the homeroom teacher who is unable to develop their talents seems to lose his or her position at the school immediately.

“So? Why are you making me a temporary instructor again?”

“That no-chanting magic you just did and the double activation of magic. I’ve seen that you are a famous wizard. Would you be willing to teach them the practical class in my place?”


Emma teaches classroom lectures, and Kagehiko teaches practical skills. Each of them teaches the students in their own specialty. It was a reasonable method of education. If there was a problem, it was whether or not the woman in front of him was in a position to interfere in the personnel affairs of the school.

“That’s not a problem. The hiring of temporary teachers is within the discretion of each teacher. The remuneration is less than that of a regular teacher, but you will still be paid at least as much as a mid-level official of the royal capital.”

“Heh, that’s great.”

Kagehiko pondered in his head. It wasn’t that he wanted to get out of being an adventurer or a thief and get a stable job. It just so happens that one of the targets Kagehiko has in mind is St. Tachibana Academy.

(It’s the romance of sneaking in under false identities and searching for treasures……)

It’s going to be quite an interesting steal. Kagehiko laughed inwardly and took Emma’s hand.

“For the sake of the future generations, I’ll do my part!”

“Thank you very much! By the way……I didn’t get your name, did I?”


Kagehiko nodded and held up his index finger.

“My name is Kronos, Kronos LeBlanc. Nice to meet you.”

With a smile on his face, he gave the alias he had been thinking of for a while. And so began Kagehiko Kurono’s life as a teacher.

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