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I was sold at the lowest price C131

I was sold at the lowest price C131: Suspicion / Nagisa


Having repelled the ambush, we returned to the castle. It was decided to fortify the border and consider what to do in the future.

“Is it true that Temira is betraying the Eastern Alliance?”

When I shared Ranelle’s thoughts with Yukiha, she was surprised.

“There’s no doubt that Temira is suspicious. But we can’t ask them about it…….”

“Why don’t we ask someone else?”

When it occurred to me and I made an irresponsible suggestion, Ranelle thought about it for a moment and said.

“Yes, you’re absolutely right. Let’s find out what the other Allies are up to.”

“But if the country we’re probing has already betrayed the Eastern Alliance, won’t the enemy know what we’re doing?”

Majni pointed out.

“Yes, we have to choose carefully which countries to probe. A country that doesn’t get along well with Temira might have a lot of information…….”

”Under these conditions, the only one I can think of is King Arpa of the Zarfract.”

“That’s what I thought too, Lord Beda and King Arpa don’t get along very well, and King Arpa has close ties to the countries of the Eastern Alliance, which makes it easier for him to get information.”

“And now that I think about it, the four countries that left the Alliance, coincidentally, are all countries that don’t get along very well with the Zarfract.”

“I’d say we’re on the verge of a split between Temira and Zarfract.”

“Which side is Amuria on?”

I asked, wondering.

“Do you think my father would be interested in such factions? We’re completely neutral, which is why it’s hard to get any information from either side.”

“It’s a pity that such a small group of people are so obsessed with their own interests and status, fighting for any advantage they can get. It’s a shame.”

It’s true that Majni doesn’t seem to be interested in factional conflicts like that. If everyone was a king like Majni, there wouldn’t be any conflicts…….

“Then let’s open a direct line with King Arpa of the Zarfract.”

Apparently, the Eastern Alliance has a direct line between the kings in the alliance. It was decided to use it to talk directly with King Arpa.

“What can I do for you, Lord Majni?”

“King Arpa, let me be frank with you. It seems that Temira is betraying the Eastern Alliance.”

“I’m surprised that Amuria, with its thin intelligence network, was able to come to that conclusion.”

“So King Arpa already knew?”

“The four countries that left the Eastern Alliance, the recent expansion of Temira’s military, and the existence of secret trade with the Ruja Empire……What does this imply?”

“What do you intend to do, King Arpa?”

“You can rest assured, I foresaw this coming. This is why Zarfract has been secretly gathering magicrafts and riders for several years, preparing a force against Temira, who will one day betray us.”

“That’s reassuring. However, it is not advisable to solve the problem by force. Can’t we solve it through diplomacy?”

“Do you know what Temira intends to do by betraying the Eastern Alliance? They are trying to create a new huge coalition centered on the Ruja Empire here in the east. Temira and the others who cooperated with them will survive as equal allies, while the other countries of the Eastern Alliance will become tributary states! How can I allow this to happen?”

“Oh my god…..such a plan was going on……”

“Yes, so we’ll have to fight, and Amuria better be prepared.”

I guess war is inevitable…….

After finishing the communication with King Arpa, Majni let out a sigh and said regretfully, “It seems that Temira has betrayed us and war appears to be inevitable.”

“No, Dad, maybe it’s not Temira who’s betraying us.”

“Oh, come on, Ranelle, have you suddenly changed your mind? You were the one who was the most suspicious just now.”

“Didn’t you think what King Arpa said just now was strange?”

“Oh, really?”

“The first thing to know is that Temira was not the only one who was expanding their army, Zarfract was also gathering magicrafts and riders, which means that Zarfract may have also possessed the forces that attacked us. The excuse is that they are expanding their forces against Temira, but I can’t decide if that’s true or not. In addition to that, it’s even more puzzling how much information they have about the future prospects, and how they could have known about the existence of the plans of the Grand Alliance centered on the Ruja Empire…….King Arpa is also be suspicious.”

“I’m glad I have such a good daughter.”

But the trouble is, we have come to the conclusion that both Temira and Zarfract are suspicious. We can’t trust either of them, what should we do about this situation?

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