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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C54

C54: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (5)


Kronos and Luna moved to the training area and faced each other at a distance of about five meters. Emma and the other students were watching the duel from a distance. The students were yelling at Kronos and Emma was watching the temporary instructor with a worried look on her face.

“Mr. Kronos. If you’ll retract your earlier rudeness, I’ll go easy on you.”

She is full of confidence. Luna provokes Kronos with her chest, as if she will never be defeated. Kronos looks at the schoolgirl with a smiling expression on his face.

“Thank you for your concern. Miss Salomon. I would like to confirm that if I win this duel, the students of the Advanced Class will listen to me and take classes. If you win, I will leave the school, correct?”

“Yes, that’s fine with me.”

Luna smiled and nodded as she confirmed the arrangement they had discussed beforehand. From her confident expression, she seemed to be able to hear the voice of her heart telling her that there was no way she could lose. Kronos looked back at Emma, who was watching him anxiously.

“Let’s get started, shall we? Professor Corolla. Please give us the signal.”

“Okay, okay. All right, let’s get ready and start…………!”

At Emma’s signal, Luna pointed her staff at Kronos and began chanting.

“Red fire, manifest before me with your hot arms…….”


Kronos opens his eyes in admiration.

What Luna is trying to use is the fourth rank magic, [Red Lotus Fire]. It is one of the strongest single target magic of the flame attribute. It’s amazing that a girl who doesn’t have the cheat ability of a [Sage] can use it.

“You’re a genius. But too bad.”

Kronos quickly activates his magic. It’s the first rank magic [stone] that he invoked without chanting. It’s a magic like a child’s prank where you just take out a stone and send it flying.


Luna hurriedly defended herself from the stone that came at her face. The stone that Kronos released falls to the ground, bounced by the staff in her hand.

“Followed by…….”

Kronos activates his spells in rapid succession.

First rank magic [mud]. It sends damp mud flying towards Luna’s feet. First rank magic [Wind]. A gust of wind is blown toward Luna’s body.

“What the hell are you doing……?”

It was a breeze with no offensive power or anything, but Luna slipped in the mud under her feet and fell on her butt. She hurriedly tried to get up, but the new temporary instructor was right in front of her.


” That’s it, checkmate. Second rank magic, [Shadow Binding].”

“Ugh…….Oh no!”

A shadowy rope restrains Luna’s body. Her hands and torso are bound together, and the body of a girl wearing a school uniform is highlighted.


“Oh, this is……again.”

Luna’s body, accentuated by the shadowy ropes, is quite fleshy, with her breasts and buttocks showing off in all the right places.

“Oops. No, no, no. Let’s see……Miss Salomon you’ve lost.”

“……I know. I don’t believe it, though.”

Luna regretfully admitted her defeat as she rolled on the ground, bound.

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