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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C55

C55: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (6)


I thought she would be a little more stubborn, but it seems that Luna is more understanding than I imagined. Those who can admit their own defeats and weaknesses become stronger. The girl in front of me seemed to have a good chance.

However, the students who were watching the duel between the two didn’t seem to like it, and they started to yell in anger.

“That’s a foul!”

“That’s right! You can’t fight like that!”

Booing erupts from the spectators in the drill hall. Kronos scratches his head in annoyance as he looks at one of the students complaining.

“Is that a foul? Then, you there. Could you please explain to me what I did that was against the rules?”


The boy who was asked stammered. Of course he did. Kronos hadn’t violated any rule. Even so, the students are not convinced, probably because Kronos has only used the first and second ranks of magic.

He looked at the students, who looked frustrated and silent, and finally turned his gaze to Luna.

“Miss Salomon. This is the answer to your earlier question.”

“……the real use of magic? It seemed to me that you were only using elementary magic.”

Having admitted defeat, but not convinced, Luna answered Kronos’ words with a still dissatisfied expression.

“Yes, that’s right. The magic you tried to use, the Red Lotus Fire, is indeed a powerful magic, but it takes a very long time to chant. If you have a companion or golem to shield you it’s fine, but if you’re in a one-on-one duel, you’ll just leave yourself open.”

“……So you’re saying that I wasn’t using magic correctly?”

“Yes. If you are a magician, then you should be able to use magic in a way that is appropriate to the situation and conditions. If you use magic that is not appropriate for the situation, as you are doing now, then you are not using magic properly.”

“Are you saying that first rank magic, which can be used with……no chanting and second rank magic, which has a shorter chant, have an advantage in a duel?”

“You’re too fast to judge. If you have a special magic item that can shorten the chanting, or if the terrain allows you to hide, that’s another story.”

“I see, I am indeed completely defeated.”

Luna slumped her shoulders and sighed. Her red eyes still showed a hint of regret, but at the same time, she seemed to be somewhat radiant.

“In using the correct magic under the various conditions experience is more important than talent. Even a wizard like me, who can only use third rank magic, would have something to teach you if I had enough experience.”

“Yes, of course. Professor Kronos, I look forward to working with you from now on.”

Luna bowed her head and her long red hair danced softly. The other students still looked unconvinced, but no one complained too loudly after Luna’s acknowledgement of Kronos. It seems that she is the strongest wizard in the class.

Thus, Kronos LeBlanc was officially recognized as a temporary lecturer at the school, and the Phantom Thief Shadow succeeded in infiltrating Tachibana Academy of Magic.

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