I was sold at the lowest price C133

I was sold at the lowest price C133

Episode 133 Surprise Attack


First, we approached the enemy base with our ride carriers and after a wave of attacks by Fugaku and Echigo’s ballistae, we sent in our magicraft troops, mainly the Iron Knights.

Instead of attacking deep into the base, we planned to destroy the base’s facilities while eliminating the magicrafts that counterattack. The operation lasted 30 minutes, and was a short-term battle so we wanted to make a quick retreat.

The Bern frontline base was in a flurry of alarms as the fleet of Emou troops and Iron Knights ride carriers approached. Accelerating all at once, Fugaku and Echigo gun ports opened fire as the ballistae came into range.

Fugaku weapons system consisted of six four-round auto-loading ballistae, each firing one bomb-arrow every two seconds. The bomb arrows are loaded with explosive rocks that explode on impact.

Echigo had a dual manual-loading ballista, and although its rate of fire was inferior to that of the Fugaku ballista, it had twenty cannons, so it did not lose in terms of firepower.

“Okay, it’s time for the magicraft squadron to go out there and wreak havoc!”

At Jean’s command, the magicrafts from the allied ride carriers were launched one after another.

Most of the ballistae in the enemy base had been destroyed by Fugaku and Echigo weapons so the enemy forces sent out their magicraft units to intercept us.

“Okay! Let’s see what Arleo can do now that the limiter has been removed!“

It is a man’s nature to want to try out a new item…….I was about to single-handedly assault the enemy army.

“You’re trying to do something reckless like that again…….Jean, you have to stop Yuta!”

I’m not sure if she was worried or not, but Nanami appealed to Jean.

“Idiots don’t get better until they die, and I’ve been wanting to check the specs on the new Arleo for a while now, so go ahead and try not to die!”

Jean approved, and I increased the speed of the Arleo as I charged into the enemy unit, alone.

As the power of the Arleo increased with the release of the limiter, I equipped it with a huge sword for large magicrafts that was disproportionate to its size. I held the huge sword in one hand, which even a large magic machine would wield with two hands.

Wielding a huge sword, I plunge through the midst of the enemy army. Arleo’s sword is bigger than the height of a magicraft, and with one swing of my hand, several of them are blown away. As I swung my sword and swept away the enemies, they began to move away from me, most likely out of fear.

I accelerated to approach the fleeing enemy magicrafts and slashed them down. After all, the speed and power of the Arleo were much higher than before. I felt that the controls were lighter and the images were transmitted faster. However, I still felt a little inadequate compared to Viktor.

“Yuta, I’m going to launch a ranged attack, so back off a bit.”

Linnecarlo is going to launch a ranged attack into an area crowded with enemies, so I retreated so as not to get caught in the lightning strike.

The moment I stepped back, a storm of lightning strikes rolled in, engulfing dozens of enemy magicrafts. After all, Odin’s ranged attacks come in handy when you’re dealing with a large number of people…….

With the magicrafts of Alana, Nanami, Emina, and Arthur in the vanguard, Emou’s army joined the attack. A strong vanguard would strengthen the entire army, and with overwhelming momentum, they were able to destroy the enemy forces.

Now that everyone was warmed up, it was time to get to work.

“Thirty minutes are up! All troops withdraw. Return to your ride carriers.”

Hey, Jean, we’re pushing pretty hard and I think we should keep going.”

“You idiot! If we continue to push too hard, you guys with your high fighting strength will be fine, but the Emou army will suffer casualties. We’ve already done enough damage to the enemy and achieved our objective, so there’s no need to push it!”

He’s right, I wasn’t thinking about the Emou forces. I slashed down the last nearby enemy plane and began to retreat towards Fugaku.

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