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I was sold at the lowest price C135

I was sold at the lowest price C135: Before the Battle / Nagisa


Chapter 1/4 sponsored by David, thank you for the support. I might be able to release 1 more today and the other 2 will be released Monday since I’ll away tomorrow.

“Ranelle, what’s this about?”

Ranelle summoned me once again. She greeted me with a more mysterious look than usual.

“Nagisa……Amuria is about to start a big war…….”

“I know.”

Then she handed me a large bag.

“It contains 10 million gold. This is enough to keep you alive for a while…….”

It seems that she didn’t want to involve me in a meaningless war…….You really are a kind royal family…

“Ranelle, I’ve told you before about a guy I like who is so stupid and naive, I really don’t know why I like him…….But he’s such a jerk, but he always shows up when I’m in trouble, and even though he’s weaker than I am, he’ll go for the bullies. He knows he can’t beat the bully, but he’s going for it because he feels like it…….I think I will go for it too.”


“So you see, I like people who go at me with their feelings, Ranelle, Yukiha, Majni-san, Himari, Jihad and Delphine, if I just run away here, that man will be angry with me, and most of all, I will definitely regret it.”

“But, Nagisa, we might die! It’s a reckless fight!”

“Don’t worry, it’s an unwinnable fight, but he always wins in the end, because bullies always lose their patience and run away.”

“Are you sure you want to do this, Nagisa……?”

“Yeah, we’re all going to survive this.”

Ranelle hugged me tightly. Yuta, I’m sure I made the right decision…….

The Amurian army mobilized all of its forces and headed for Temira. Sixty magicrafts, five ride carriers, and 1,200 troops were not enough considering the scale of the opponent we were about to fight.

When we arrived at Temira, we were greeted by Lord Veda with a deep bow.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say to express my gratitude to you…….”

“Amuria is on the side of the righteous, and we will get through this together.”

Mr. Majni told him proudly. He and Lord Veda shook hands stiffly, and exchanged pleasantries.

The Temira army has 200 magicrafts, 12 ride carriers, and 5,000 troops, which is considerably more than Amuria. Even so, there are many more enemies to be fought, so a careful strategy is needed, and the leading figures gathered immediately to begin a strategy meeting.

“What is the enemy’s estimated strength?”

At the first strategy meeting, Lord Veda checks the information.

“Assuming that the Ruja Empire and the four countries that left the Eastern Alliance will also participate, there should be at least 1,500 magicrafts, 50 ride carriers, and more than 20,000 soldiers…….”

“There’s no way we can win if we fight them head on……”

“The enemy has three possible invasion routes: the lower reaches of the Emuzi River, the southern Luzhan Mountains, and the Balha Plateau. Any one of these routes will lead straight to the Holy City, and we will be defeated.”

“You mean we have to divide our forces into three?”

“It’s painful to split up when you don’t have much strength to fight with……”

Ranelle suggests while looking at the map.

“How about the Temira army taking the Balha plateau, where fierce battles are expected, and the Amurian army taking the south of the Luzhan Mountains, which is geographically superior and easy to defend even with a small force?”

“Then what about the lower reaches of the Emuzi River?”

“Actually, I’ve requested reinforcements from Amuria allies.”

“Oh, you mean the Emou Kingdom?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of having the Emou army take charge of the defense of the Emuzi River.”

“It’s reassuring to know that Emou’s army will help us, so let’s prepare our defenses accordingly.”

“If they don’t know anything about geography, Emou’s troops may have trouble defending the complicated terrain around the Emuzi River. If possible, could you send a few people from Temira to guide them?”

“Of course, I’ll send someone who knows the surrounding geography.”

In addition to Temira’s guide, it was decided to send someone from Amuria, an allied country, to welcome the Emou forces. Because of the position of welcoming an ally, it was necessary for a suitable person to go, and Ranelle took on that role.

“But Ranelle, are you sure you can do it alone? Why don’t you get some guards?”

“No, we’ll need everyone to defend the Luzhan Mountains. I’ll be fine with Temira’s guiding force.”

Ranelle boarded the magicraft with a smile and headed towards the Emou River with the guiding force to greet the Emuzi army. Perhaps it was because I don’t get away from Ranelle very often, but I felt a strange sense of unease as I watched her go.

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