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I was sold at the lowest price C136

I was sold at the lowest price C136: Request for Reinforcements


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When I returned from the Ruja Empire’s frontline base in Bern, I received a respectful summons from King Emou.

“I’m sorry, but we’ve received a request for reinforcements from our allies.”

“It looks like they’re moving faster than expected.”

When Jean confirmed this, King Emou explained the details.

“So the battlefield will be in this country called Temira?”

“Yes, our ally is the Kingdom of Amuria, and the Amurian army is going to Temira, which is about to be attacked by the armies of the Ruja Empire and the countries of the Eastern Alliance that have turned against us. It’s a disadvantageous situation with a considerable difference in strength, but it’s an important battle that will have a major impact on the future situation of the entire eastern region.”

“It may be an important battle that will affect the situation, but you’re a good king for responding to the request for reinforcements.”

“The Kingdom of Amuria is a small country with a promising future, and I suspect that Amuria will be the one to unite the small countries of the east in the near future.”

“Oh, so the king is a genius or has a huge ore reserve?”

“The king of Amuria is just an idiot, his daughters on the other hand are excellent. But that’s not the charm of that country, it’s the attitude of always trying to do the right thing…….Fairness, the ability to treat people as equals, regardless of the size of the country. I think those are the most important qualities to bring together countries with different cultures and ways of thinking.

“I’m afraid that’s not the only reason for your support, Mr. King.”

“What do you mean?”

“The way you were talking about Amuria, you looked like an old man bragging about his family.”

“Huh……you’re an interesting guy, it’s a shame to leave you as a mercenary.”

“The Iron Knights aren’t just mercenaries, I’ll show you plenty of that, so look forward to it.”

“If you say so, then you must be right. Take care of Amuria for me.”

Jean greeted the king in a friendly manner and left the audience room. By the way, Jean is becoming more and more dignified.… Alana, who was with me, was also impressed.

“You don’t seem to be intimidated by the king at all.”

“He’s a human being just like us. There’s no need to be nervous about him.”

“When you were still a merchant, you seemed to be a little more careful.”

When I said that, Jean smiled and replied, “Merchants have their own way of doing things, mercenaries have their own way of doing things, and my style of mercenary is like that.”

Jean must be very versatile, I can never imitate his tricks.

Whether it was because of the evaluation of the battle in Bern or Jean’s command ability, the command of the reinforcements to Amuria was entrusted to the Iron Knights. With 200 magicrafts and 10 ride carriers under our command, we headed for Temira.

“Where are we going anyway?”

“We’re supposed to meet up with someone from Amuria. We’ll get to the rendezvous point first, and from there it’ll depend on what the guide says.”

The rendezvous point was a forested area about three days west of the Emou border, and we were making a straight line to it.

“So many ride carriers and they’re all allies.”

“There’s a lot of magicrafts, too. That’s good.”

Nanami and Farma were beaming with happiness at the current situation, probably because they had never been surrounded by so many allies before.

“Captain! There’s some kind of magicraft troop movement in the distant mountains!”

The message that came over the ship’s internal communications was from a rookie crewman, who had been monitoring Fugaku watchtower.

“What? How big is it?”

Jean asked in an excited tone, happy to be called the captain.

“It’s too far away to see for sure, sir, but I’d say about ten.”

“Well, okay, Yuta, I’m sorry, but can you do a reconnaissance?”

“All right, I’ll be right there.”

Reconnaissance missions are often assigned to either me, who can manage on my own, or Emina, who rides the stealthy Artemis.

“Yuta, two large swords are probably too heavy for reconnaissance, try equipping this one.”

When I was about to get into the Arleo, I was approached by Rafishal, who was doing maintenance. He recommended a small dagger and a slender sword.

“What’s this?”

“Maingauche and Estoc, both light, perfect for covert action.”

“All right, I guess I’ll take these two this time.”

“Oh, and I’ve got a secret trick for the Maingauche, so you can use it when the time comes.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve given it to Feri, so you’ll have to take her advice.”

“Rafishal, when did you become friends with Feri?”

“No, actually a while ago…….Well, I’ll tell you about it next time.”

Well, I heard that the person who created Viktor was Rafishal disciple, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he knew about Feri.

As soon as I changed my equipment, I was ready to go.

“Yuta, Arleo! We’re going out!”

I jumped out of the open front hatch of the Fugaku with great force and headed straight for the mountainous area where the magicraft unit was moving.

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