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I was sold at the lowest price C137

I was sold at the lowest price C137: To the Meeting Point / Ranelle


Temira’s guiding force consisted of five magicrafts and two high speed ride hovers that carried magicrafts. The high speed ride hover has a cargo bed in the back and can carry up to three magicrafts. I boarded the magicraft Laird on the back of the vehicle and got in.

“Princess Ranelle, do you have any idea of the size of the Emou army that will be joining us?”

It would take a full day to reach the meeting point with the Emou forces from the holy city, even by high-speed ride hover, and on the way, the captain of the guiding unit would talk to me periodically, as if he was trying to keep me occupied.

“I’m not sure, Emou itself is also in a tense situation with the Ruja Empire, so I don’t think they’ll be able to send out a very large force for reinforcements, maybe a hundred or so magicrafts.”

“I’ve heard that Emou’s magicraft troops are strong, so I’m looking forward to seeing how well they perform.”

They were indeed reassuring reinforcements, but considering the size of the enemy, it would be difficult to win the war with just the Emou army’s reinforcements. I can only thank King Emou for sending us reinforcements even though he knew that.

Just when we thought we were almost to the rendezvous point, which would take another hour or so, the captain, who had been keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings, gave us a loud warning.

“There’s movement all around! It could be enemy forces, so please be careful!”

Sure enough, the trees are shaking, and we can see some movement……that seems to be encircling us.

“We’ll be surrounded at this rate! Can you get through?”

“Let’s go full speed ahead!”

If it’s just speed, the high speed ride hover is much faster than a magic machine, and I attempted to get out of the area before being surrounded. But it seems that our movements were read by the other side. The trees in front of me exploded with a loud noise.

“Shit! Oh my God, they’ve blocked our escape route!”

“It’s no use…….Ride Hover Unit 2’s magicraft squadron will clear the obstacles! The first unit will remain in place and leave as soon as the obstacle is cleared!”

The first unit is the ride hover of the one I’m on. Maybe, in the worst case scenario, they kept the first plane on standby to let me escape.

“They’re here! Hurry up and remove them!”

As I looked around, I saw enemy magicrafts appearing all around me. I’m not sure what to make of it.

“Removal complete! Unit 1, please leave the area! Unit 2 will continue to hold off the enemy!”

The rider of the second magicraft unit reported. I’m not sure what to do next.

“I’m sorry! Unit 1, let’s go!”

There are three magicrafts in the second unit left to hold them back, and considering the number of enemies, there’s no way they can win.

The high-speed ride hover Unit 1 accelerates with a roar. Behind me, I can hear the sound of a battle between the Unit 2 team and the enemy starting.

There’s still some distance to the rendezvous point, and if we make it there, there’s a good chance that Emou’s army is already waiting for us……but it didn’t work out that way. Another enemy unit ambushed us in the direction we were going, and more enemies appeared. It seemed that we were already surrounded, and there seemed to be no way to escape.

“Princess Ranelle! I’m sorry……we’ll make a breakthrough, you’ll have to run away alone!”

“No, you can’t! I’ll fight with you!”

“No! If anything happens to you, Temira will be greatly embarrassed! For the sake of Temira’s honor, you must escape!”

As I said this, Temira’s two magicrafts descended from the high-speed ride hover and attacked the enemy troops blocking the road ahead. The first high speed ride hover takes off rapidly with me on board.

The high speed ride hover tried to pass through the enemy troops, but was flanked by one of the enemy’s magicrafts with a spear, causing it to roll over and stop. I was thrown out of the ride hover, along with my magic machine, Laird.

“Princess Ranelle! Please run away quickly!”

The captain of the guiding force shouted from the overturned ride hover. In order not to waste the feelings of the people of Temira, I have to survive…….I activate Laird, who had fallen over, and immediately ran into the forest.

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