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I was sold at the lowest price C138

I was sold at the lowest price C138: In a Pinch / Ranelle


Chapter 3/4 sponsored by David, last one will be released Monday.

I ran for my life – I ran through the forest without looking back.

There was no sign of pursuit from behind, and I thought I had escaped, but it was not so easy. A squadron of about ten enemy planes appeared in front of me. The atmosphere of this unit was clearly different from that of the previous enemies.

All magicrafts had the same pitch-black body and symbol of a red rabbit on their chests…I’ve heard rumors about the Ruja Empire, the Black Rabbit of Death, and the 7th Magic Machine Corps…..the two strongest units in Ruja, and now one of them is right in front of me.

I immediately looked for another way to escape. I saw a waterfall on my left, and although it was steep, it looked like I could escape up the mountain from the slope beside it. There was no time to worry, I ran to the left.

The Black Rabbit has already recognized my presence. They made a large turn and approached Laird. I accelerate toward the waterfall before I’m surrounded. However, the name of the Black Rabbit was not undeserved. Although I was confident in Laird’s mobility, he was caught up by three black rabbits below the waterfall.

Although I would not be able to win, I pulled out my sword to create an opening to escape. With a minimum of movement I thrust my sword at the black rabbit in front of me. However, Laird’s sword was easily repelled.

Immediately, the Black Rabbit turns its fangs on me. It attacked relentlessly with its black-painted weapons. I was able to narrowly avoid the first large sword blow by bending over, but the long spear thrust from the side pierced Laird’s shoulder. I let out a small scream at the dull impact.

The drive in my left shoulder was pierced, and I could not move my left hand properly. Swinging my sword around, I tried to escape into the shadows of the mountains. However, I felt a dull thump on my back. The heavy blow knocked me forward, and I fell headfirst to the ground.

There are more than twenty black magicrafts……I am already completely surrounded, and there is not even an escape route in sight. A Black Rabbit was ready with his black glowing weapon, and it looked like he was going to move to bury me soon.

I’m screwed…….

In a desperate pinch, my consciousness is painted black as I fall into the darkness…….As I fall into such darkness, I remember a conversation I had with Nagisa not long ago…….

But you know, he’s such a jerk, but he always shows up when I’m in trouble, and even though he’s weaker than me, he goes up against the bullies… Nagisa was talking happily as she remembered the person she loved. I don’t have such an existence now or in the past – to be honest, I was jealous.

If only I had someone like that to show up when I’m in trouble…… It’s a futile fantasy, but if there were such a person who, like Nagisa’s favorite person, was my own personal hero……who showed up when I was in trouble…

The Black Rabbits raise their weapons – it’s over, everyone…….I’m sorry……

At that moment, I saw the black rabbit raise his sword and his whole arm blown away. I felt as if a strong hot wind was blowing and in the blink of an eye, a white shadow appeared in front of me.

White Magicraft…… The white shadow was a white magic machine, he called to me.

I’m stunned and slow to think. I pause for a moment and reply sluggishly.


“You looked like you were in trouble so I helped you anyway, but I thought what if you were an enemy?”

“Watch out!”

While we were talking, the black rabbits attacked the white magicraft, and I couldn’t help but call out to it, but it seemed to be none of my business. The white machine lightly avoided the enemy’s surprise attack, and easily pierced the enemy magicraft with its slender sword.

“For now, stay where you are and I’ll clear out the enemies.”

It’s easy to say that, but no matter how I look at it, the white magicraft was alone, and it’s reckless for one person to fight 20 black rabbits. I tried to call out to him for his reckless words, but the white magicraft started moving so fast that he seemed to disappear.

Unbelievably, the white magicraft had overwhelmed that black rabbit in speed. In addition, it was far superior in power, and with a single swing of a small dagger, the large black machine was blown to pieces. The Black Rabbits were being destroyed at a tremendous rate, and it seemed that he was going to do what he said he would do, just like the simple tone of his words.

It’s a different kind of superhuman movement from that of Nagisa, a powerful, linear male movement that makes my heart flutter…

What……is this pounding in my chest! I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been listening to Nagisa, but that white magicraft that’s saving me from a pinch has given me a feeling of excitement about the opposite sex that I’ve never felt before…….I thought love at first sight was an impossible word, I never thought I’d feel this way about a man I hadn’t even seen yet……I was greatly confused.

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  1. laharl8080

    achaa, this is going to be painful
    for friends to like same person, i wonder whenever this is one going to ended Harem end, Single Girl End or the author just left it Alone (he finish story and war but whoever he marry will be left alone)

  2. Evan Romaneschi

    I thought the other chapters were done better. They were easier to read and understand. For the next chapters please take your time to proofread the sentences properly…

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