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I was sold at the lowest price C139

I was sold at the lowest price C139: Princess Ranelle


Sorry for the late release, yesterday I was away the entire day and couldn’t translate anything.

A magicraft was in trouble, so I saved it, but to my surprise, it was a person from Amuria who was going to meet up with us. I’m really glad that I didn’t save an enemy.

After clearing away the unpleasant enemy force of about 20 black magicrafts that had attacked us, I called out to the Amurian machine.

“Are you okay? You look like you have a shoulder injury.”

“I’m not hurt, and my magicraft works just fine.”

“Oh, so you’re all alone. You don’t appear to have any companions.”

”I’m sorry to ask for your help, but I’ve been attacked and my friends are in the middle of a battle, can you go with me to help them?”

I thought it was strange to be alone in such a place but it seems they were attacked and she escaped alone.

“All right, let’s go help them right away!”

As I said this, Amuria’s magicraft stood up dazedly and guided me to her companions.

When I went to the place she led me to, her companions were still barely alive, and so I went to help them right away.

There are about ten gray general-purpose machines surrounding them. While approaching the allied magicraft, I ran through and destroyed five of them with my Estoc and Maingauche.

There are only four enemy machines surrounding the allied magicrafts. First, I defeat one of them by piercing its head and abdomen with Estoc, and then I fly the heads of two of them with Maingauche. The last one was prey as I pierced its abdomen with Estoc and cut his head win Maingauche to finish it off.

I was relieved that everyone was alive and when I heard there are more allies in the back me and Arleo ran to their rescues as fast as I could.

I ran in the direction I was told to go and immediately saw three machines fighting desperately. The three planes were huddled together while surrounded by about ten enemy magicrafts. I didn’t know which side I was on because I left Amuria’s magicraft behind and ran, but the machines surrounding them looked like the gray ones I had just defeated, and the inferior ones were probably my allies.

The gray magicrafts noticed Arleo and immediately got into a fighting stance. If you’re motivated, you don’t need to be shy; I accelerated Arleo further and began to attack. First of all, I unleashed countless thrusts at super high speed, turning three magicrafts into a hive.

Then, lowering my body, I approached the enemy machines as if to tackle them, but as I got up, I sent the heads of two of them flying with my Maingauche. The enemy attacked slowly, but I lightly repelled them with my Estoc and crushed their heads with my sword.

The remaining enemies hurriedly tried to surround Arleo but as I spun around and thrust my Estoc, the enemy magicrafts were destroyed one by one.

Once I defeated all the enemy magicraft, I asked Feri to make sure we were safe.

“Feri, do you detect any enemies in the vicinity?”

“Other than the friendlies we just saw, there’s no sign of any magicrafts nearby.”

Then we’ll be fine. I can help the allied magicrafts without worry.


To my surprise, the rider of the first magicraft I saved was the princess of Amuria and the next ones were Temira’s guide unit.

“I’m a princess of a small country, please don’t treat me like one.”

“All right. Princess Ranelle, I’m going to meet up with the Emou army as soon as possible, but I’m not sure if everyone can move.”

“Yes, one of the fast ride hovers was wrecked, but the other one is barely moving. All of the magicrafts are in shambles, but they can still walk.”

“Then let’s move.”

I said this and headed for the rendezvous point where the Emou forces were waiting, but just before we got there, I spotted a large enemy force.

“That’s a lot of people…….”

“It’s the invading forces of the Ruja Empire, they’re going to find us if we keep going.”

If it were just me, I’d be able to break through, but I can’t really go forward with a few battered magicrafts and a ride hover that’s barely moving. Now, what to do…I had no choice but to consult Jean.

“Jan, can you hear me?”

“Hey, Yuta, how’s the reconnaissance going?”

“I’ve met up with Princess Ranelle of Amuria.”

“What? I thought you weren’t going to the rendezvous point.”

“So let me tell you what’s going on. I tried to take Princess Ranelle there, but there’s a large enemy force deployed and we can’t proceed.”

“We know about it. So here’s what we’re going to do, you take Princess Ranelle and go around to the mountains to the northwest, we’ll send a support team there to join you and come back.”

“All right, the mountain to the northwest.”

I told Princess Ranelle and the others about my conversation with Jean, and headed for the mountains to the northwest, keeping an eye out for enemies.

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