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I was sold at the lowest price C141

I was sold at the lowest price C141: The Valkyria Empire / Ren


I wonder how long it’s been since I became a member of the Dark Wings, a special magicraft unit made up entirely of Highlanders…I feel like that strange auction was a long time ago.

The Valkyria Empire has been promoting the expansion of its national power in order to gain the upper hand in the long-running conflict with the Kingdom of Lubel. In addition to increasing the number of riders and magicrafts, they were also aiming to expand their allied forces through diplomacy and secret agreements behind the scenes.

The political marriage between Muda, the nephew of the Valkyria emperor, and Princess Natov of the Ruja Empire brought the relationship between the two empires much closer. After the death of the Ruja emperor, intense diplomatic pressure from the Valkyria Empire and the sudden death of his powerful successors led to the ascension of Muda to the throne of the Ruja Empire.

The Ruja Empire has been transformed into a vassal state that can be manipulated at will by Valkyria.

It became possible for the Ruja Empire to take control of the eastern region, which it had been unable to do due to tensions with the rival Kingdom of Lubel, and this was done in secret. With the support of Ruja in terms of supplies, the military power was rapidly increased. With the preparations in place, the plan was finally put into action.

It was thought that the two forces that would become obstacles to the control of the east would be the Union of Eastern Nations and the Kingdom of Emou. The Kingdom of Emou was known for its strong military, and the King of Emou was highly regarded as the most brilliant man in the East. Because of these circumstances, they decided to go after the easier-to-control Eastern Alliance first.

As planned, most of the Eastern Nations Alliance had been brought under the umbrella of the Ruja Empire by the prestige of Valkyria. Only Temira, the leader of the Eastern Alliance, and Amuria, with its strange sense of justice and refusal to be subjugated, remain. Unfortunately, these two countries will soon disappear from the continent. This is because the Ruja Empire, with support from the Valkyria Empire, has launched an armed invasion.

With the eyes of the Kingdom of Lubel, it was difficult for the Valkyria army to participate in the war in earnest, but it was judged that a small number of reinforcements were possible, and at the order of the Emperor, who was very fond of his nephew, it was decided that we, the Wings of Darkness, would participate in the invasion of Temira to support the Ruja Empire.

“Is it really necessary for us Dark Wings to go out and conquer a small country like Temira?”

My colleague Henkel complained when he heard about the mission to capture Temira.

“If it’s just Temira, it’s no problem, but I’ve just received word that the Emou Kingdom is on the move. I heard that the Emou army is very strong.”

Marder, also a colleague, replied.

“Still, they’re no match for the Dark Wings, we’re an elite unit of 20 Highlanders, we can take on Temira on our own, to be honest.”

“I won’t deny that.”

Both of them had absolute confidence in the Dark Wings to which they belonged. In Valkyria, there are even more powerful units that rank higher than the Dark Wings, but they are all proud to say that they are one of the best units in the continent.

The Dark Wings all use the same type of magic machine. Each of them has their own customized weapons and coloring, but the substance is almost the same.

“Ren, I’ve always wondered why your Icarus is so flashy in color.”

Henkel said to me. It’s true that my Icarus is canary yellow, far more flamboyant than the name “Dark Wings” suggests. Well, I can’t help it, I love the Brazilian national soccer team.

Once we boarded the Darkwing Ride Carrier “Tsukuba”, the captain explained the details of the mission in the meeting room.

“The invasion of Temira will be conducted solely by the Ruja Empire. Therefore, no specific role has been assigned to us, and we will move freely, focusing only on reducing the strength of the enemy forces.”

“If we are free, why don’t we attack the enemy’s capital at once, it would be quicker.”

“It’s not that easy. If we make such a showy move, there’s a chance that Lubel will notice us. If Lubel intervenes in this battle, even your empty head should understand that it will be a problem.”

When the captain said this, Henkel fell silent.

“The mission this time is to strike the enemy’s forces in a low-key manner. Specifically, in the fight for the Baruha Plateau, where a large-scale battle is expected.”

We all felt that this mission would be easy and boring. I was no exception. It felt like one of those practice games we used to have with the soccer team against the weaker schools to get in shape before the big tournaments.

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