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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C56

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C56: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (7)


More chapters later today.

Kagehiko’s life as a teacher, or rather Kronos’s life, was unexpectedly fulfilling. He was originally a [Sage] who had mastered magic so he could answer most of the students’ questions, and the other teachers gradually came to rely on him.

The students of the Advanced Class, who have a high sense of pride, rebelled against him, but they quieted down when he beat them in a mock battle. In addition, the class has a strong meritocracy, so once the class is properly graded, the rest is straightforward.

“Dr. Kronos, may I ask you a question?”

“Of course. Miss Salomon.”

Luna Salomon, in particular, adored Kronos. She even came to the staff room every lunch break to ask him questions about the content of the classroom lectures that he was not in charge of. Before she knew it, she even changed the way she called him.

Kagehiko Kurono is a man with a lazy personality, but he’s not bad at taking care of people. He was even the oldest member of the brave party and followed up on the other members. For such a man like Kagehiko, life as a temporary lecturer, Kronos, was more suited to his nature than he expected.

“Phew, full of life……….is different!”

Why am I blending in as a teacher?! I almost retired as a thief!

“It’s not like I’m not enjoying my life as a teacher. I almost forgot my objective.”

The original purpose of the Phantom Thief Shadow’s infiltration of the school was to obtain the hidden treasure “The Legacy of Sage Tachibana”. It all started with a book he picked up in a bookstore a month ago. The book was written in Japanese and the author’s name was written as “Seiji Tachibana”.

Curious, Kagehiko bought the book and learned about Sage Tachibana, the [Sage] of the heroic party who was summoned about 200 years ago. The content of the book is about how Tachibana was summoned to this world and fought against the demon king of that time. It was about how he devoted himself to the study of magic in order to return to his original world, and how he established the Tachibana Academy of Magic.

At the end of the book, he wrote, “I will hide my legacy in the innermost part of the academy. Please pass it on to another Japanese person.”

(I’m not going to say that I want to carry on the legacy of my fellow countryman…….but I’m interested in the legacy of a [Sage] like me. I’d love to meet you.)

The school is warded to detect intruders, so it is difficult for even the Phantom Thief Shadow to break in without a plan. In addition, I don’t even know where the most important heritage is. I was grateful for the title of temporary lecturer that allowed me to enter the school without a care in the world.

(The deepest part of the school……is usually the headmaster’s office, but there was nothing there, right?)

I’ve already explored some of the most interesting places, but I still haven’t found any clues that lead to the hidden treasure.

“Hey, Dr. Kronos. Do you have a minute?”

While Kronos was lost in thought in the staff room, Emma, who had become his colleague, called out to him.

“Oh, Miss Emma. What can I do for you?”

When Kronos replied under the mask of a teacher, the female teacher in a suit pointed to a large number of books on her desk.

“I’m going to return the materials to the archives now, can you help me? If I’m on my own, that……”

“Oh, I see. No problem.”

Kronos carried the books and walked into the archives with Emma.


As soon as she entered the archives, Emma’s foot slipped in the middle of nowhere. The book she was holding was thrown into the air, making a loud paper clatter.

“3rd Rank Magic [Anti-Gravity]”

I activate my magic to make the book fly in the air. At the same time, I hold the book with one hand and support Emma’s body with the other.

“Thank you for your help!”

“You’re still as clumsy as ever…….”

After working at the school for about two weeks, I found out that Emma Corolla is a very, very clumsy woman. If you give her a cup of tea, she’ll knock it over. If you let her use magic, she will fly off in the wrong direction and hit her own students and fellow teachers.

She was so clumsy that you would think she was cursed, and was forbidden to enter the archives and other places where important materials were stored.

“Well, I’ll put the books away then. That book is on the second shelf from the bottom, and that one is on the other shelf. That book is…….”


This time, she caught her foot on the carpet and fell on her butt. Kronos held out his hand to Emma as he casually glanced down at her skirt, which had been tucked up due to the wide opening of her legs.

“Are you all right, Dr. Emma?”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Kronos.”

“Are you hurt? Get out of the way so I can fix the carpet.”

“Oh, I’ll do it!”

“No problem. Don’t move. Don’t move, really don’t move.”


Kronos carefully rolled up the carpet and stretched out the wrinkled areas, making sure to tell Emma not to make the place any more messy than it already was.


I found a strange pattern under the carpet. A geometric pattern was carved inside a circular shape.

“Is this a……magic circle?”

“Yes……ah, it’s true. This is a magic circle used in pattern magic.”

Emma peeked over Kronos’ shoulder. Pattern magic was a magic that could be activated by carving specific shapes into it. Each figure engraved on the inside of the magic circle served as a chant, and the magic could be activated simply by pouring a certain pattern of magic power into the magic circle.

“Uh, who would write something like this?”

“Well, I don’t know about that…….”

I’m not sure about that, but I’m going to try to find out.

“Sage Tachibana……hid it in a place like this?”

Above the magic circle was written in clear Japanese, “Dig here”.

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