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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C58

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C58: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (9)


Last chapter of the day, more tomorrow.

There were various traps and devices in the labyrinth, but they were all written in Japanese, so it was not difficult to navigate. It seems that this labyrinth was built to prevent non-Japanese people from obtaining the Sage Tachibana’s legacy.

The trouble is, it’s more like–

“Dr. Kronos! Look out!”

“Oh, no!”

Emma’s magic exploded on Kronos’ back while he was fighting the monsters in the labyrinth.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Kronos shouts while using magic to produce water and extinguish the fire on his back. In addition, he destroyed the golem-shaped monster that attacked him with magic.

The golem’s chest was marked with the words “Weakness: Lightning,” so I was able to easily defeat it by using lightning magic as instructed.

“Dr. Emma, will you please stop this?”

“Ugh…….I’m sorry…….I’m sorry I was born…….”

“I shouldn’t have brought you here…….I screwed up.”

It had been about an hour since I first started to conquer the labyrinth, and to say the least, my biggest enemy was at my back. The woman, Emma Corolla, was a klutz.

If there was a button, she would push it without hesitation. If there was a lever, she would pull it without mercy. She would fall into every trap and blow herself up in a big way, involving me to the point where I could only think that she was cursed. Just when I thought that this woman might be an assassin who wanted to kill me, I finally reached the end of the labyrinth.

“Looks like this is our destination.”

“Ugh…….I thought I was going to die.”

“Me too. Mostly because of you.”


Kronos glared lightly at Emma, who shrank back as if she had shrunk, and then looked up at the huge, ornate door. There is a hole in the door for something spherical to be fitted into. And on a pedestal in front of the door, there are suspicious looking balls. There were more than a dozen different kinds of balls, all in different colors.

“I guess I’m supposed to fit one of these balls. The question is, which one is the right one…”

The door has three pictures of animals on it. The first is a four-legged beast that looks like a wolf. The second was a great ape with ferocious fangs. The last was a monstrous bird with flapping wings soaring through the sky.

“Wolves, monkeys, and birds……”

“Well, my favorite color is…….”

“Don’t touch it!”

Kronos crossed his arms after extorting Emma for trying to place a suitable ball in his hand. The previous traps and devices were easily avoided by Japanese people. If that was the case, then Japanese people would be able to figure out the correct answer to the trick for this door.

“Oh, I like pink.”

“So take your pick…….”

“No,” Kronos trailed off.

“Fine, just put the pink balls in.”

“Oh, you sure? Click.”

Without hesitation, Emma puts the pink ball into the hole, as if she has felt nothing from the traps so far. The door began to move from side to side with a clattering sound.


“When it comes to wolves, monkeys, and birds, Momotaro is the standard.”

Kronos shrugged his shoulders and stepped into the open door.

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