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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C59

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C59: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (10)


“This is……”

“You know what to do. Don’t touch anything, don’t tamper with anything, and don’t make the slightest movement.”

“Ugh. ……”

Kronos walked to the center of the room, leaving Emma, who had turned over in disappointment, to her own devices. There was nothing in the spacious stone room. However, there was a large magic circle carved into the floor.

“No instructions, huh?”

For now, I poured magic power into the magic circle at my feet. Then, the magic circle lit up in a light blue color.

“Welcome guest from Japan, it’s nice to meet you.”

A voice came from somewhere. It was in fluent Japanese. The light that flooded from the magic circle solidified and formed an image. It eventually took the form of an old man.

“My name is Seiji Tachibana. As you may have guessed, I’m Japanese, just like you.”

The old man continued to speak cheerfully. His face was clearly marked with deep wrinkles, he must be very old.

“What you’re looking at right now is a video that I recorded using magic. I had it projected as a three-dimensional image. Now, since you’re here, you’ve probably seen one of the documents I left behind and come to receive my inheritance. The legacy is the knowledge and magic I gathered to return to my world.”

“Knowledge and magic?”

“After I was summoned to this world and defeated the Demon Lord, I have been researching magic in order to somehow return to my world. To do so, I created a school and hired many researchers. But in the end, I couldn’t find a way to return to my original world.”


“My fellow countrymen. Please take over my knowledge and magic, and find a way to return to my world. And if you can, please return my belongings to the soil of my homeland.”

“This is……!”

The color of the magic circle changed from blue to red. A flaming red light enveloped Kronos’ body.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to transfer my power into your body now. The transfer will take about a minute, so please don’t move. What you are going to learn now is space-time magic, which is the most difficult magic in this world. I have never been able to reach that level, but depending on how you use it, you can gain eternal youth and travel through many worlds. I hope you can use this magic correctly and return to your world.”


To be honest, I’m not too obsessed with returning to my original world. However, time and space magic is one of the magic that I could not master even with the cheat ability of the [Sage].

“Well, since you’re here. If you’re going to teach me, then let me teach you……Whoa!”

Suddenly, I was pushed back by someone. The impact came from an unexpected direction, and I was unexpectedly pushed away from the magic circle.

“What, Miss Emma?”

When Kronos turned his head to see what was going on, he saw Emma Corolla standing in the middle of a magic circle that was flickering bright red.

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