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I was sold at the lowest price C142

I was sold at the lowest price C142: The Flashing Maingauche


When we arrived at the northwestern mountain where we planned to rendezvous with the receiving troops, I asked Ranelle and the others to stay where they were, and I climbed to the top of the mountain to check the situation.

From here I could see that Jean and the others were fighting a large enemy force. Looking further to the northeast, I saw that the enemy reinforcements were approaching. It’s going to be tricky when those reinforcements start pouring in.

But it’s reckless to attack them with Ranelle and Temira’s soldiers…… What should I do?……Well, when the troops arrive, I’ll leave Ranelle and the others to them, and I’ll take on the reinforcements alone.

Yeah, let’s do that. As I was thinking that, a signal was sent from below. It seemed something was wrong, so I hurried down.

“Yuta-san, enemy troops are approaching.”

Ranelle said as soon as I got down.

I couldn’t see it from above because of the trees, but there was a medium-sized enemy force coming towards us.

There were about fifty enemy magicrafts at a glance, it seemed they have already noticed us and were heading straight for us. If it was just one person, we might be able to escape, but it would be impossible for them to escape since they’re all in bad shape.

“Ranelle, those numbers are hard to fight while protecting you, can you fall back and hide?”

“No matter how much……Yuta, it’s reckless for you to fight that many alone! I’ll fight too!”

“Yes, let us fight too!”

I’m glad you feel that way, but to be honest, it’s easier for me to fight alone, but it’s not like I can tell you that you’re slowing me down…….

“All right, then, you’ll take care of the enemies I failed to kill in the rear.”

Ranelle and the others agreed with that and moved back. All right, then, let’s fight like I’m not going to let any of them get behind me.

“Master, there are 52 enemy magicrafts approaching, and it will take about 20 minutes to destroy them using only Arleo. There is a 65% chance that enemy reinforcements will arrive during that time, so I recommend avoiding combat if possible.”

Feri advises me.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t avoid a fight, and I don’t want the enemy to move to the rear, is that possible?”

“It is currently impossible to prevent a;l of them from going to the rear.”

“What do you mean by “currently”? Is there any way to make it possible?”

“You can only activate the flash mode for 10 minutes at a time, it is possible if you eliminate all enemies during that time.”

“What is flash mode?”

“What is Flash Mode?” “When you swing Maingauche while in Flash Mode, it will emit an intense light that will dazzle a wide range of enemies, making it very effective in combat with a large number of enemies.”

I see, I can use this to defeat the enemy while stalling them.

The flashing mode could be switched by rotating the grip. When rotated, the shape of the Maingauche changes with a cracking sound.

The spearhead of the enemy was approaching, so I gave it a try. I quickly waved the Maingauche in flash mode. Then a flash of intense light was emitted around me, and the approaching enemy magicraft stopped moving.

Arleo’s screen was equipped with a function that automatically adjusts the intensity of light by Rafishal, so Maingauche dazzle does not affect me. I pierced the enemy machine, which had stopped moving, with Estoc.

This is very convenient. With this thing, I’ll be able to take out that many opponents. However, the flash mode only lasted for 10 minutes, so I rushed to destroy the enemy troops.

After using it I discovered that the range of the dazzle was much wider than I had imagined. It seemed to have an effect on magicrafts in a radius of about 50 meters, so I destroyed the dazzled enemies one after another while moving at high speed.

However, I don’t think this can be used in a melee where allies are nearby since it might even blind my friends.

With a single flash, the enemy’s magicrafts will be out of action for about five seconds. Five seconds of inactivity in a magicrafts battle is fatal. The enemy could hardly resist, and before they could even comprehend what was happening, most of the 52 enemy machines fell to the ground.

The surviving enemy fighters, fearful of the unknown attack, fled at once.

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