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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C60

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C60: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (11)


The last 2 chapters will be released in 12 hours.

“Damn it……!”

Seeing Emma standing in the center of the magic circle, Kronos bit his back teeth and growled. Perhaps Emma had intended to do this all along. She would use Kronos to solve the mysteries of the labyrinth, and in the end, she would take the Sage Tachibana’s inheritance. The fact that she was getting caught in so many traps along the way must have been a ploy to damage Kronos.

“I see, betrayal is a woman’s accessory…….Just when I thought you were a klutz, you do it!”

Kronos twisted his lips in frustration as he looked at Emma’s face, which was enveloped in a red light. He wondered how much the woman who had so brilliantly succeeded in her last-minute betrayal would be able to do with a face like that.

“What the hell? What is this, what is this? Please help me~~~~~~~~~!”

“What the hell is…..?”

I was wrong. It was just a screw-up.

“You……what do you really want?”

“No, because ~~~~! When Dr. Kronos stood in the magic circle, a strange old man came out and spoke in a language he didn’t understand, and the magic circle glowed red……. I thought I had to save Dr. Kronos. ~~~~~~!”

“Oh,…..I see.”

Apparently, Emma had jumped into the magic circle to protect me. If I think about it, Sage Tachibana was speaking in Japanese the whole time, and Emma probably didn’t understand the situation. The red light that came out of the magic circle seemed to be a warning color, and it was understandable that she felt in danger.

“Oh dear……I’ve been pushed around by Emma-sensei all the way to the end.”

Kronos scratched his head in dismay. He had failed to acquire Sage Tachibana’s legacy, the power of space-time magic.

“Well, it’s not like I really wanted it, so that’s not a problem……”

“Please help me! No, no, no, no!”

“It’s time for you to calm down. The transfer will be finished soon…….?”

Kronos noticed something strange. Since a while ago, a huge amount of magic power has been pouring out of the magic circle and into Emma’s body. There was no sign of it stopping, and it was clearly exceeding the capacity of Emma’s body.

“It’s not……good.”

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Sage Tachibana’s legacy. If you’re a [Sage] like me, you might be able to accept it somehow, but……you probably can’t.”

If this continues, Emma will not be able to accept the enormous amount of magic power and will collapse in the not too distant future. Kronos’s face twitched as he thought of the sight of the beautiful woman in front of him bursting out of her body like a frog being inflated with a straw.

“Aaaaahhhh! Please do something about ~~~~~!”

Kronos thought for a few seconds and gave Emma one piece of advice.

“Whatever you do, use magic. Put all your magic into it and shoot it out.”


“Don’t worry. Release the magic in your body or you’ll explode.”

“Aah! Okay ~~~~~~!”

Emma follows Kronos’ advice and activates her magic.

“Flame, Flame, Flame! First rank magic, [Flame]!”

She invoked the lowest level of fire magic Flames the size of a soccer ball appeared in front of Emma’s eyes.


“Oh, shit.”

The flames, which were the size of an armful, quickly grew to a huge size. They spread like wildfire, sucking up as much magic power as they could from Sage Tachibana.

“……is going to explode, isn’t it?”


Everything in front of me was enveloped in the red of the fire. The flames that had engulfed the entire room spread without losing momentum, and eventually blew away the entire labyrinth.

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