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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C61

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C61: New Teacher Mr. Kronos (end)


The labyrinth that Sage Tachibana had created was blown to pieces. Apparently, the labyrinth was located in the basement of the library attached to the school. As the ground was blown away, the library also collapsed and sank into the ground. Fortunately, there was no human casualty, but many valuable books that only exist in this library were lost, and the research of magic was delayed for ten years.

“I thought I was going to die…….”

“I feel like the world would be better off if you were dead.”

“What? What did you say?”


Emma was the main perpetrator of the bombing, but somehow she crawled out from under the rubble without a scratch on her body. I had wondered how this horrible klutz had managed to live to this age, but it seems that she has been blessed with a tremendous amount of luck.

“So, you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with you?”

“Not at all! On the contrary, I’m doing great!”

Emma inherited, albeit imperfectly, the legacy of the school’s founder, Sage Tachibana. It was a huge magical power, plus the knowledge and skills of space-time magic and other rare magic. Although it was quite a foul method, Emma Corolla was able to skip three ranks and become a [Sage].

“Oh dear…….Looks like this is the end of my teaching career.”

The current Emma would be able to handle the practical class well enough. This is the end for the role of the temporary teacher Kronos LeBlanc.

“It’s been a lot of fun…………See you later, St. Tachibana Academy of Magic.”

Before he knew it, he could see the sun setting over the rubble of the library. With his back exposed to the bright red sunset, Kronos said goodbye to the school.

It was supposed to be……

“Ughhhhh……eh, eh……”

“……What are you doing?”

“Ugh…….Kronos, sir…….”

A week later. I found Emma drunk at the counter of my favorite diner.

To be honest, I wanted to just ignore her and leave the store, but the owner’s appealing eyes made me lose patience and I approached her.

“Please listen to me…….I’m going to be fired from the school if I don’t do something…….”

“Did they find out you sunk the library? If so, it was your own fault.”

“No, sir that was an accident…….”

I talked to her and she told me that the reason she was about to be fired was because she couldn’t teach the practical subjects well.

“How can that be? You’re supposed to be a [Sage] now, right?”

“That’s because I’m too……strong.”


“The magic is too strong for me to use!”

No matter how much magical power and knowledge she has acquired, the fact remains that Emma Corolla is still a klutz. Even after she became a [Sage], she was unable to use her power as if it were her own, and was instead being pushed around by it.

“The other day, I accidentally blew my student’s hand off…….”

“What the hell are you doing?!”


It seems that he has turned a woman, who should never have power in her hands, into a [Sage]. Kagehiko felt like he had made an irreversible mistake, like letting a kindergartener hold the launch switch of a nuclear missile.

“Please come back! If you don’t, I’m really going to kill my students! Just do the practical training for me from time to time. ~~~~~!”

“Ha……ha ha……”

Kagehiko let out a dry laugh. It seemed that Kronos LeBlanc’s life as a teacher would continue for a while longer.

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