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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C62

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C62: The Characters (6)


Kronos Leblanc (Kagehiko Kurono)

Formerly the [Sage] of the heroic party, now a [Thief]. This time, he has infiltrated St. Tachibana’s Academy of Magic, posing as a temporary teacher at the school. He’s after the legacy of the school’s founder, Sage Tachibana.

He has been taking care of younger boys and girls in the party of heroes, so he is not averse to teaching children. If the king of the Brave Kingdom hadn’t betrayed him, he might have created a school and become a teacher, just like Sage Tachibana.

He was rather popular with the female students at the school, but they were not his target because he preferred adult women like Fujiko. Incidentally, Emma was a beautiful adult woman, but she had small breasts, so she was out.

Suddenly I realized that I haven’t been transforming into Shadow at all lately. I’ve missed out on some treasures, and I think I might be in a slump.


Emma Corolla 

A regular teacher at St. Tachibana Academy of Magic. Homeroom teacher of the Advanced Magic Class. Small breasts.

She was entrusted with the special class because she is an extremely talented scholar, but she is basically a klutz. The incarnation of trouble. She is a walking landmine. Every time she gets involved in something, she blows herself up in a big way. To put it bluntly, she’s been bashed by her students more for that than her magic skills.

She inherited Sage Tachibana’s legacy and became a [Sage], but because she is still a klutz, she is unable to make use of the knowledge and magic she has acquired.

She tried the time-space magic she had just learned, but nothing happened. In fact, there was a “gate of another dimension” a short distance away, and one of the students from the special class had been swallowed and left for another world. Will the day ever come when she realizes this?

Suddenly, she noticed that some of her students have not been coming to school lately. Perhaps they are refusing to come to school because of bullying in class. I’ll fight bullies to bring smiles to students’ faces!


Luna Salomon

A student of the Magic Academy’s Advanced Class. The most talented girl in the school. Big tits.

The daughter of the Count Salomon. She was raised to be arrogant and overbearing because of her genius for magic and her noble birth. However, she is fundamentally a meritocrat, so she pays respect to superior wizards, even if they are in a lower position.

Her nose is broken by Kronos, and she develops a faint crush on him. However, since she has never been in love before, she doesn’t even realize that she is in love with him.

I suddenly realized that my breasts had grown again recently. No matter how big they are, they only get in the way of magical warfare. If possible, I want them to become smaller. When I was talking about this with a friend on the street, a twin-tailed girl in a waitress outfit stared at me. Who was that girl with the fearsome killer spirit?


Jean Sblom

A male student in the Advanced Magic Class. He was yelling at Kronos and Luna when they were dueling, but his name has never been revealed.

Like Luna, he comes from a noble family and is very proud. He is in love with Luna, and has intense hostility towards Kronos.

Emma’s space-time magic sends him to another world. After going through twists and turns in the other dimension, he returns to this world in a different form, but that is another story.


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