I was sold at the lowest price C144

I was sold at the lowest price C144

I was sold at the lowest price C144: Assault Weapon

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The enemy reinforcements were quiet, but they were definitely approaching. Normally, I would be able to just rush in and fight them, but that’s not going to happen this time. I had to think seriously about how to fight while protecting my companions.

I was thinking of asking them to stay in the back like in the earlier battle and take out the enemies I missed, but Ranelle and the others seemed to be very motivated and wouldn’t move from next to me.

“For now, let’s all stick together and fight in formation so we don’t get separated.”

We can’t defend ourselves if we’re all moving separately.

“Yuta, I think the enemy has noticed.”

“Okay, I’ll take the center, Nanami, you take the left, and Emina, you take the right. Everyone else, cover me from behind! Don’t go forward at all!”

After giving instructions, the enemy’s spearhead unit immediately rushed in. Perhaps thinking they could easily overcome us with their numbers, they charged in roughly.

I stood in the center of the formation and intercepted them. Fortunately, I was in a conspicuous position, and the majority of the enemy’s spearhead troops rushed towards me.

First of all, I turned several of them into beehives with a series of thrusts from Estoc. Then I move in and cut off the heads of the enemy magicrafts around me with Maingauche.

After destroying about twenty magicrafts, the enemy felt threatened and began to attack more cautiously. They didn’t charge at me carelessly, but instead gradually closed in around me trying to surround me. It’s a little tricky when they do this…….

The enemy started targeting everyone but me. The first target was Nanami on the right, they probably thought she would be easy to defeat, but that was a big miscalculation. Nanami used the shield in her left hand to block the attacks of the enemy magicrafts that were rushing towards her, while steadily destroying them with the sword in her right hand. In addition, the ability of the shield that Rafishal had given her earlier was demonstrated.


Nanami shouted, and the ground around Vajra caved in, at the same time, the enemy magicrafts in that area were slammed to the ground.

I was told later by Rafishal that the ability Nanami used was based on the Ludia core of the magicraft. I was convinced when I heard that it was the same principle as Linnecarlo’s Odin’s lightning strike. Incidentally, Rafishal’s hobby is to use voice input as the activation key for the special ability.

Emina’s enhanced bowgun is an enchanted weapon, a technology that is slightly different from Nanami’s shield. When an enemy magicraft is hit by an arrow from the bowgun fired by Artemis, it freezes quickly.

Nanami shield ability is more powerful because it requires more physical and mental energy, but the Enchanted Weapon only strengthens physical ammo, so the Ludia load can be reduced and the effect is less dependent on the Ludia value.

The three of us, have been able to repel most of the enemy forces attacking from the front, but the enemy is not stupid and is trying to take advantage of the difference in numbers to move around to the rear. If they continue to surround us, Ranelle and the others behind us will be in danger. I decided to leave the frontal assault to Nanami and Emina and go help them in the rear.

There is a limit to the amount of support you can provide to multiple allies while moving around. I wish I had a long range weapon that could cover them from the spot…….I immediately thought of the magic bullet, but the magic bullet, which can only fire one shot, would be a decisive attack, but it was not going to be useful in the current situation.

I consulted with Feri to see if there was any other way and she told me the best method to do it.

“Transform Maingauche and Estoc into assault mode.”

“Assault mode? What’s that, can they transform into anything other than flash mode?”

“Yes, Maingauche and Estoc can be used in three special modes.”

There are three special modes – well, I guess I’ll find out when I try them, so I asked Feri how to transform.

First, I rotated the handle of Maingauche in the opposite direction of the flash mode and it transformed into a gun handle. Then I inserted Estoc into the hole made in the blade of the Maingauche. As he pushed the inserted Estoc in while rotating it from its handle, it turned into a tube. Pulling the handle of the pushed-in Estoc again, it transforms into a gun barrel, completing its transition into assault mode.

“Hold your assault weapon. Arleo’s screen will be changed to scope mode.”

When I hold up the transformed Maingauche as Feri said, the screen is magnified and a circular marker appears. Then, I align the circular marker with an enemy magicraft and pull the trigger.

Bash! A thin streak of light made a sound and extended to the targeted enemy magicraft – and when the light hit, the part that was hit was blasted away. It is similar to the magic bullet, the lines are thinner and the power is not as strong but it’s enough to damage the enemy machines.

“Assault bullets are light-attribute projectiles. Unlike physical bullets, they are light bullets generated using master’s Ludia. If you use them in succession, they will drain your strength and energy, so please be careful.”

That means I’ll get tired if I use it too much, well, let’s see how fatigued I get after using it for real. I looked around for a friendly magicraft that was struggling, then I set up my assault weapon and fired a light bullet.

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