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I was sold at the lowest price C145: The Defense of the Fortress / Nagisa


The canyon south of the Luzhan Mountains – the only road in the area that is passable for ride carriers, and a key point for Temira. A small fort had been built in the canyon, and we, the Amurian army, were stationed there.

“Dad, I think they’re here.”

Yukiha, who was looking into the distance with binoculars, reported.

“So this is where King Arpa’s Zarfract army will attack.”

How did Majni know that the attacking army was Zarfract with a single glance? It was because the flagship of the enemy army was a flashy pink color.

“It’s a ride carrier with poor taste, as usual.”

“It may look bad, but it’s offensive capabilities can’t be underestimated. It’s equipped with five powerful long-range ballistae.”

“You’re right, we can’t be careless.”

Seeing the enemy approaching the fort, Yukiha gives orders to her subordinates.

“All troops, prepare for battle! Get into position!”

The magicrafts of the Amurian army are deployed above the ravine. All of the magic machines in position were equipped with arrows. They were hastily prepared in anticipation of a defensive battle for the fort.

I also set up my bow from the top of the fort. I belonged to the archery club in high school, and I was confident in my bow skills. Even though I was riding a magicraft, the feeling of drawing a bow was not that different.

Six ride carriers are approaching the fort. The enemy’s magicrafts are approaching from cover, using the ride carriers as shields, indicating that they are wary of our attack.

“Shoot the arrows!”

At Yukiha’s command, arrows were fired from the fort all at once. They hid themselves in the shadows of the ride carriers, but the arrows fired from right above the canyon went over the ride carriers and hit the enemy’s magicraft troops. I could hear the sound of the arrows hitting the ground and the sound of explosions destroying the enemy machines.

The enemy wasn’t taking the attack quietly either, and as if on cue the Ride Carrier’s ballista guns were unleashed in unison, while the enemy magicraft troops rushed toward the fort’s walls.

Seeing the enemy closing in, the bow attacks of the Amurian army also intensified. The walls of the fort were not that strong, so they would be broken by the attacks of the ballistae and the enemy’s magicrafts.

“Nagisa! Let’s move out and hit the enemy vanguard unit!”

Jihad calls out to me. I put down the bow I was shooting at the enemy forces and replaced it with my sword.

The Amurian army’s magicraft troops that went out to battle numbered 20, and the enemy machines attached to the fort’s walls numbered 50. Although we were outnumbered with the support of the bows of our fellow magicrafts from above, we could still manage to fight.

Jihad, I, and Delphine attacked the enemy troops. We wielded our swords mercilessly against the enemy troops who were preoccupied with destroying the wall. With one step, I swung my sword three times and took out two enemy machines with three blows, and with a second step, I swung my sword four times and sent the heads of four enemy magicrafts flying.

It is often said that there is no first strike in Aikido, but this is not true. In order to destroy the signs of an opponent’s attack, you must attack aggressively, and if you think you have a chance to win, you must be willing to finish him off with a single blow.

Although it is only a self-defense technique, the idea of protecting oneself by winning the battle is a prerequisite. I was particularly aggressive, and my father, who was my master, used to get angry with me. However, I believed that the ironclad rule of warfare was that you should never hesitate to protect yourself and your friends.

Ten steps in, and with the help of Jihad, Delphine, and the others who had come out to fight, most of the 50 enemy magicrafts had been defeated.

“Good, let’s pull out before the enemy surrounds us!”

It is dangerous to stay outside the fort for too long. We accomplished our objective and quickly retreated back inside the fort.

With all the troops close to the city walls wiped out, the enemy forces could no longer approach carelessly. However, the attack of the Ride-Carrier ballistae intensified, and a fierce firefight began with the Amurian forces from the fort.

“The armor on the enemy’s ride carriers can’t be penetrated by the arrows or the fort’s ballistae.”

“But our fort’s walls have accumulated so much damage that it’s not fair.”

Yukiha lamented this as she looked at the crumbling walls.

“At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before they break through the walls.”

Majni muttered sadly. If we don’t do something about it, they will break through the walls. If this happens, the Amurian army, which is outnumbered, will be at an overwhelming disadvantage.

“That pink ride carrier is ridden by the king of the enemy army, right?”

“Yeah? Well, yes, but……what about it?”

“No, I thought that if I could destroy it, the enemy army would retreat…….”

“That’s true, but how are you going to do it?”

“If that thing comes crashing down, the pink ride carrier won’t have a chance.”

What I saw was a large chunk of rock at the top of the canyon. Yukiha and Majni looked at it too and agreed with me.

“Sure, if that thing fell, there wouldn’t be a problem, but how are you going to drop a rock that size?”

“I have an idea.”

I said, and they were ready to listen with great interest.

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