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I was sold at the lowest price C146: Falling Rock / Nagisa

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It would be extremely difficult to break or move a huge rock. However, I was thinking that I could destroy a small rock that was supporting the huge rock. A small imbalance can have big consequences, and that huge rock would roll downward under its own weight with just a little imbalance.

The mission to drop the huge rock had to be done by a small number of people because it would be impossible to accomplish if the enemy noticed and moved the ride carrier.

“Leave the destruction of the rocks to Yukiha and Nagisa, while Jihad and Delphine to draw the enemy’s attention.”

Jihad responded confidently to Majni’s words.

“Leave it to me, I don’t need to rely on rocks to sweep away the enemy army.”

I don’t think that’s the way to talk to the king of your country, but Majni didn’t seem to mind.

Yukiha and I climbed up to the ridge of the canyon where there was a huge rock from a blind spot so that the enemy would not see us. At the same time, the Amurian army, led by Jihad and Delphine, began a flashy attack to attract the enemy’s attention.

When I got close to the huge rock, I suddenly felt a presence. And before I had time to hide, I came face to face with a platoon of enemy magicrafts climbing up from the other side.

“Enemy! Oh no, they must have figured out our plan!”

Yukiha said, but if they were aware of the mission, they would have moved their flagship’s ride carrier. But the flashy pink ride carrier showed no signs of moving.

“No, they must not be aware of the mission! Let’s take care of them first.”

Before we could launch an attack, the enemy magicrafts moved. They held daggers in their hands and approached us at a hurried pace.

I pulled out my sword and intercepted the enemy. There were six of them, all lightly armored, thin-wired magicrafts that didn’t seem to have much power, but they moved fast.

The first magicraft attacked me with a dagger, gripping the blade underneath and aiming for my head. I avoided it by twisting my body, and slashed it with my sword, cutting off its neck. Without pausing, a second plane came at me from the front with a dagger and aiming for Labella’s abdomen. Before the blade could reach me, I swung my sword horizontally and cut his head.

The third and fourth magicrafts saw that the previous two had been killed and became more cautious in their attacks. Seeing this, I stepped in and approached the two, with the bottom of my left palm, I blew away one of them and swung my sword diagonally down on the other, cutting it in half from shoulder to waist, then I thrust my sword into the enemy that was blown away and finished him.

The other two were attacking Yukiha’s Ewart. Yukiha’s Ewart was equipped with a flail, an unusual weapon consisting of an iron ball connected to a chain at the end of a club. Yukiha swung the flail with all her might and struck the enemy magicraft in the face with the iron ball. The enemy face caved in, and it fell backwards, emitting a sizzling sound and white steam.

The last of the enemy magicrafts tried to escape. I quickly got behind it and destroyed its head with my sword.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s drop the boulder quickly.”

We certainly needed to hurry. My friends were fighting down there, but they were outnumbered and the situation was not looking good. If we don’t do something, a lot of damage will be done.

In Aikido, you can read your opponent’s weight shift and the amount of force being applied, and use that to your advantage when applying techniques. In the same way, I stared at the rocks lined up in a messy manner and identified the right weak points.

“Yukiha, I’m going to break that rock.”

Yukiha nodded and readied her flail, while I readied my sword and prepared to attack. Then, as if on cue, we both struck the rock at the same time with all our might. The first blow didn’t destroy the rock, it only cracked it, so we continued to unleash another blow on the rock – there was a dry cracking sound and the targeted rock collapsed and broke.

“Okay, let’s get away.”

We quickly took off, if we stayed there we would also be caught in the fall of the giant boulder.

For a while, there was no change, but then the area around the crumbling rock began to shift a bit, and eventually collapsed like an avalanche. The huge rock was also slowly being pulled downward by gravity.

At that point, the enemy realized what was happening and rushed to move the ride carrier, but there was no way they could get off the way fast enough to avoid it. The huge rock hit the pink ride carrier, crushing it and bending it in half.

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