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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C8

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C8: Distillation and Rakuichi Rakuza

I decided to release 3 chapters today since c7 was very short.

That’s right, let’s do some distilling! I thought of it, and had a distillation device made using the money I made from selling Reversi and so on.

“I understood the theory from Chris’s explanation. You’re using the difference in boiling points of substances?”

“That’s right, Yulis! Have a look!”

I set to work with great enthusiasm.

“I was going to make spirits, but I couldn’t get hold of any liquor, so I’m making perfume.”

I crushed some mint-scented grass that I had picked, put it in the distillation unit, heated it, and smelled the liquid that came out.

“It’s amazing. The scent is harsh, but it smells good. I didn’t know it was possible to make perfume at such a low cost. With this, I can hide the ingredients and sell it to the nobility at a high price.”

Similar to the world of medieval fantasy, where soap is not very prevalent and there is no culture of bathing, perfume is treated very generously.

Me? I boil the water every day. It costs money, but I’m an aristocrat. It’s a privilege. Well, the only time I’ve ever boiled water is when Yulis took a bath before me

At any rate, I got a trusted craftsman who had been working in this workshop for generations to keep the distillation technique secret, and gave him the money to produce spirits (alcohol) and perfumes.

Later, the trade of spirits and perfumes through the Sotheby’s Chamber of Commerce produced huge profits.


We don’t have enough people and money. I told Yulis that in times like this, we should have an open market and abolish customs.

“I see. I understand the theory, but even if we get rid of the customs, we need a system to check if the sales are accurate and people who can make decisions in order to make people pay taxes. It will certainly increase the population, but it will also worsen the security. This trading city is a place of distribution for the three great noble families, but how can we pursue the wrongdoings of the great noble families’ official business associations? Also, if the security deteriorates and they rethink trading here, our territory will be finished.”

Yes, indeed…….

“Fortunately, the three great noble houses are so close in strength that the other two noble houses won’t keep quiet if the third one cheats them, so if we can manage to maintain security, it might be possible.”

“Oh, that’s easy! I’ll have thirty of our house’s private soldiers maintain the security. Go and get Squire Macbeth!”

“If you insist, I will, but I stopped you, didn’t I?”

“My soldiers, who go through the training that Yulis mentioned every day, should be able to handle it.”

So, as soon as Yulis walked out of the office, there was a knock at the door.

“You can come in!”

The door opened to reveal a handsome man with blond hair and long locks, but despite his face, his body was large and muscular, and his scars were noticeable in many places.

“Squire Macbeth, at your service! What can I do for you today?”

“I have a favor to ask you.”

I explained about the Rakuichi Rakuza, the abolition of customs, and the maintenance of public order.

“Yes, I understand. However, I can’t continue Yulis-sama’s training if I’m maintaining security…….”

“Okay, so your time will be split into two, half for security and the other half for training.”

“So you’re saying I can only train half as much as I have been?”

Somehow, he looks at me as though he was expecting this.

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!!”

Oh, oh. I can understand why you’re so happy to escape Yulis training.

“I’m sorry, I was distraught! Then I’ll go tell the others about this!”

He ran out of the office.

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