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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C2

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C2: Rogue Lords (2)


It was a death that signaled the start of the game. In the game’s setting, the kings of each country, fearing that they might fall together in a war that has been going on for hundreds of years, have signed an armistice, and peace lasted for about twenty years. Just when they start to get used to the peace, the ambitious young king of the Narja Kingdom starts a war. As such, another war begins, and Aintorian Erhin becomes the sacrifice.

Furthermore, Aintorian Erhin is a tyrant. He was a man who loved to drink, sing, dance, play with women, and kill innocent people without a second thought. This is probably the reason why the chamberlain and the maids are so frightened by my every move.

No, why, of all those characters, am I the one who dies right at the start? What if I die in this world? Will I die in real life? That’s the biggest question of all. If I die, can I go back to my normal life? No, it’s more likely that I’ll really die, because I feel pain in this world.

Then I can never treat my life carelessly. If this has nothing to do with death, then I should not be able to feel pain. The pain I feel when I tap my cheek or pinch myself is real. Then again, maybe I really will die. Even more so if God intervened? But that’s only if my soul has been transported to the world of the game they created. Huh……..

My headache was getting worse. I really feel like I’m going crazy. I mean, I have to escape death. Can I use the system by any chance?

In the game world on the screen, only the main character could use the system. Of course, the NPCs didn’t have the system. What if I, the player, was the only one who could use the system in the game world that became reality? Then I can expect a little more. Yes, if only there was a system!

The player has a level. The protagonist is able to grow exponentially through this level system that no other person has. If only I had a system, I might survive! I searched for the system in my head to immediately confirm my guess.

System. System. Well, I don’t really know how to use it. If it really existed, how would I use it? Normally, I would just use the gamepad, but I don’t have the gamepad in my hand right now.

The system……. You’re supposed to give them a system and then discuss the Glory Challenge. Give me a system!

[Ryuichi Hasegawa / Aintorian Erhin]

[Age: 25]





I shouted this in my mind, and to my surprise, the system really appeared. The moment I saw the system window, I felt as if I was reunited with an old friend, I was about to burst into tears. That’s how happy I was.

What’s more, it looked just like the system window in the game. No, it was the same. It was unmistakably the system window I knew.

I quickly moved my finger to [Status].

[Martial Force: 58]

[Intelligence: ????]

[Command: ???]

[Affiliation: Lord of Aintorian]

[People’s Spirit: 10]

Then my status was displayed. I knew it was the same. Thanks to that, I was able to check Erhin’s ability value.

Erhin’s initial martial force was 58. He was a lord, albeit a tyrant. He was from a high-ranking noble family and had learned swordsmanship as a child, so his martial force was higher than that of an ordinary soldier.

The People’s Spirit was 10. As a lord, his popularity included all his soldiers, vassals, and subjects. In other words, it’s the worst. He is famous for being a rogue lord so this it’s normal.

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