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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C3

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C3: Rogue Lords (3)


If I have a system, I can level up. With the points I receive each time I level up, I can buy weapons, items, and skills to increase my power.

With the system, only I can level up, and only I can get stronger. It seems to be the same now that I started as Aintorian Erhin. It’s just the way the game is set up!

For intelligence and command, my performance will show in the evaluation. The higher the intelligence, the better the strategy in war and higher the rank.

For command the higher the value, the more obedient the soldiers and vassals will be. Even if my martial force is high, if my command of soldiers is low, I’ll be only half a man.

If it were any other person, wouldn’t the intelligence and command portions of the game display correctly? As I recall, that was the case in the game on the screen.

I opened the door to the room to check it out. There was a maid waiting outside the door at all times. She was probably a personal maid for the lord. I didn’t hesitate to use my basic skill, [Confirm Information]. Since I’m Lv. 1, I don’t have any other skills yet. This is the only skill I have at the moment, but it is also a very useful skill.


[Age: 18]

[Martial Force: 5]

[Intelligence: 31]

[Command: 10]

[Affiliation: Maid of the Aintorian Castle.]

[People’s Spirit: 50]

I knew it was the same as the game I was playing. Then, the opportunity to challenge the glory is not a story of a hero from a small town who rises to the top, but a story of a rogue lord who must start out as a villain and use the system to conquer the game.

“Pfft! Kuh-hah-hah!”

So that’s it. This is my chance to challenge that glory, isn’t it? I have no idea what that glory is, though.

“Gosh, Master……?”

The maid began to tremble as she watched me laughing like a madman. In the eyes of the maid, I must look like a crazy person. Even more so since I’m a lord who kills people without hesitation.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I replied in the tone of a lord so as not to make her feel uncomfortable, then closed the door and returned to the bedroom. That’s right. I had one more thing to check. I quickly opened the door again to ask what I forgot.

The maid, who was wiping the sweat from her forehead, stiffened up again when she saw me reappear. Seeing such a reaction made me realize even more how infamous Erhin really is. How much bad behavior does it take to scare people like that?

“What day is it today?”



“It’s February 1st!”

“February 1st?”


“What year is it?”

“Well, it’s been 202 years since the Lunar Kingdom was founded!”

“Right. Thank you.”


I left the maid with a puzzled look on her face, as if the words “thank you” were unexpected, and went back to my room. As soon as I closed the door to my room, I sat down on the floor. When I heard the date, my mouth dropped open.

February 1st, 202nd year of the Kingdom? Then it will be tomorrow! Tomorrow is the very day that the Aintorian lands will be trampled by the Narja Kingdom’s forces and their lord will be beheaded!

There was no time to prepare for war. I had to calm the lord’s infamy, train my soldiers, and raise their levels. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to survive even after doing everything listed above, but that day was tomorrow?

This is really bad luck! This sucks! Oh, shit! Fuck! Fuck!

If this happens, how can I survive……? Only by surviving will I be able to continue the Challenge for Glory.

Let’s figure out a way. This game became popular because it allowed players to try out their own strategies in war. It is a solo game, not a multiplayer game where you play together with other players in real time, but it is also a game where each player is ranked by the points they generate while playing the game.

Anyway, I was ranked first in such a game. So I had to come up with a strategy that would be worthy of being number one! I had to figure out a way to survive. Because the most important thing before having fun is not to die.

So, how should I plan my strategy? I turned my gaze back to the map I had unfolded. All I knew about the beginning of the war in which Aintorian Erhin died was the few lines of synopsis I had found when I was playing the game. I know that the Royal Army of Narja started the war and that Erhin was beheaded, but I don’t know any details about the war itself.

What I know is from the perspective of the original protagonist, not Erhin. Besides, if Erhin actually survived, the story would change completely, so what I know now would be meaningless. Still, knowing a few lines of the story is a great privilege in itself. If I know the enemy, I can plan countermeasures.

Let’s try to remember the synopsis. I rummaged through my memory and tried to recall the synopsis that came up at the start of the game. According to my memory, as I recall, the forces of the Narja Kingdom attacked the Lunan Kingdom from two directions.

The real main force would appear from the northern part of the Lunan Kingdom. Aintorian is the western border of the Lunan Kingdom. In other words, this was a decoy.

The Narja Kingdom would first send a spearhead force to the Aintorian territory. Then, when the Aintorian territory was invaded and attention was drawn to the west, the main force invaded the northern border. This was the method used because the northern border was quite close to the capital of the Lunan Kingdom. In fact, the Lunan Kingdom has been hit by this strategy.

When the Aintorian region fell to the enemy without any resistance, the bewildered Lunan Kingdom hurriedly prepared for war, and the surrounding territories concentrated their forces to the west. They were unaware that the real main force, which had been moving completely in the shadows, would appear in the north.

The Narja Kingdom showed just how bad the Lunan Kingdom’s intelligence was, and also how good their strategy was in covertly sending their main force north, because they were able to move that many soldiers to the north without being noticed at all.

The reason for this difference is that not only Erhin, but also the king of Lunan was a tyrannical and corrupt king. So, as it turns out, there is a way to survive here. This means that the real war will take place in the north, so once I defeat this decoy force I will have time to breathe. Yes, time to level up and prepare for battle.

If I survive tomorrow’s battle, my future would be limitless.

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  1. Kai Hary

    Hi, can you do this translation from chapter 76 instead? Because this novel already translated by the previous translator and stopped at chapter 75.

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