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I was sold at the lowest price C149

I was sold at the lowest price C149: Attack / Nagisa


The enemy attack resumed with increasing fury, probably because they saw that reinforcements had arrived at the fort on the hill. A large enemy force was closing in, led by five ride-carriers.

“All ballistae, prepare to fire!”

The captain of the Temira army guarding the fort shouts out. The inside of the fort was in a flurry of activity to deal with the oncoming enemy forces. We, the Amurian army, are also making preparations to intercept the enemy.

“Put that ride carrier on the side of the fort to thicken the walls! The First Magicraft Squadron will defend the fort, and the Second Magicraft Squadron will intercept the enemy in front of the main gate!”

Following Yukiha’s instructions, everyone took their positions. I, along with Jihad and Delphine, waited for the enemy in front of the main gate of the fort. To be honest, I was a little afraid of the large army marching towards us.

“There are roughly three hundred of them……and eighty of us, so it’s going to be a tough fight, that’s for sure.”

“Huh, it’s just numbers, we have the better quality and morale of the troops.”

A ballista arrow was launched from the enemy’s ride carrier, which signaled the start of the battle. The enemy spearhead’s Ride-Carrier and magicrafts were closing in on the fort like a flood.

The enemy troops were rushing to destroy the main gate of the fort. In order to intercept them, arrows were fired simultaneously from the ballista and by the magicrafts from the fort.

The arrows skewered and felled the enemy machines one after another. However, there were so many enemies that many of them dodged the arrows and came to the front gate. At the front gate, we entered into a fierce melee with the enemy magicrafts.

I swung my large axe and cut down the enemy magicraft that attacked me with a sword, then ran and cut off the head of the approaching enemies. As I cut down the enemy magicrafts that were closing in on me, I also killed the ones that were attacking my friends. I was in a more aggressive state of mind than usual, thinking that the faster I killed the enemies, the more my allies would be saved.

We took down the avalanche of enemy magicraft, and the battle situation in front of the main gate seemed to be going in our favor. However, such illusory superiority was drowned out with a roar.

With a buzzing sound, a round barrel-like object flew out and hit the fort’s wall. Then there was a roar and the walls were blown away, engulfing the ballistae that had been set up.

“What the hell was that?”

Yukiha shouted in surprise at the unknown attack.

“It came from the enemy’s ride carrier, a new weapon prepared by Ruja…….”

Jihad thought so, but Yukiha denied it.

“There’s no way Ruja could have prepared such a weapon…….It was probably provided by the Valkyria Empire.

I don’t know exactly where the weapon came from, but it didn’t change the reality that this attack was destroying allied ballistae and the walls of the fort one after another, and we were quickly pushed into a corner.

“All of the fort’s ballistae and half of the magicraft squadron deployed on the city walls have been destroyed!”

The enemy’s magic machines were closing in on the fort, which had completely lost its defensive capabilities. In the past, we had the advantage of support from the fort, but once that support was gone, there was nothing we could do to stop them, as we were outnumbered.

“All troops in front of the main gate, retreat inside the fort!”

Without needing to be told by Yukiha, we fled into the fort.

“Protect the main gate! If the enemy gets inside, we’ll be defeated.”

“The ride carrier is on fire…….”

A fire rises from the ride carriers placed on the sides of the fort. An even louder explosion echoed, and the entire ride carrier was seen to be destroyed.

“If the walls on the side of……are breached, it will be very difficult……”

Yukiha’s fears were realized when, with a loud roar, a sidewall blew up – and a huge hole opened up through which an avalanche of enemy magicrafts came.

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