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I was sold at the lowest price C150

I was sold at the lowest price C150: Crisis / Nagisa

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I felt a weird sensation when I saw the number of enemy magicrafts moving into the fort. The fear of harming myself was greater than the fear of my friends being in danger.

“All troops fall back to the center fort headquarters!”

At this time, the Temira commander who was in charge of the fort had already been killed in battle or was no longer in command. Instead, Yukiha gave the orders.

The fort’s headquarters was a large, solid stone building where our allies were crammed into as they fled. I was at the entrance of the headquarters, desperately trying to prevent the enemy from entering. At this time, the number of allied magicrafts that could move had already been reduced to about 30, and the enemy machines that had entered the fort were over 100, putting us at an absolute disadvantage in numbers.

If I don’t do something, everyone is going to……

I focus my consciousness – I dive into the deepest depths of my consciousness as soon as possible. The power to protect everyone, the power to defeat the enemy, I force it out from the depths of my mind.

Even when I was concentrating, the enemy would not wait for me and would keep attacking. I was unconsciously moving Labella to counter the attacks. I avoided the attacks and exploited their power to destroy the enemy magicrafts.

I was fighting half unconscious. The wreckage of countless enemy machines lay around me. However, I heard a shout that broke my concentration.


When I looked, I saw that Yukiha’s Ewart had been skewered by an enemy spear – a heart-stopping shock that gripped my chest.


I hurriedly ran over to Ewart and cut down the enemy magicrafts around him with my sword. Then I pulled out the spear that was piercing him.

“Yukiha, are you okay?”

“I am fine……but it looks like my elemental line was damaged and I can’t move properly.”

“All right, I’ll take care of this Yukiha, stand back.”

“I’m sorry…….Nagisa……”

I looked around and saw that there were only about ten magicrafts left on our side. Jihad and Delphine were doing their best, but their magicrafts were already in shambles, and Delphine Basim had lost one of his arms.

I stood up in front of the fort headquarters to protect everyone and everything. I will defeat all my enemies! With that in mind, I held up my sword.

The enemy rushes towards me as I am standing on my knees – swaying and avoiding the attack; I attack the enemy machine’s weak points with minimal movement and disable it…….It is not necessary to destroy them completely, just stop them from moving.

After defeating about 20 enemy magicrafts, the movement of the enemy army changed to a zigzag pattern. The enemy magicrafts that had been surrounding me slowly moved back.

I wonder if they’re pulling out, that would be great…….

However, such expectations were shattered. Instead of the enemy machines that had pulled back, a group of machines with a special color pattern came forward. They were the same type of magic machines, but all in different colors. As I wondered what kind of people they were, Yukiha told me in a trembling voice.

“No! Nagisa, you can’t fight that group! That black wing emblem is the symbol for the Dark Wings of Valkyria! If you fight them, they’ll kill you!”

“Dark Wings……”

“They’re all Highlanders or better, you’re no match for them as a half-radar! Let’s just surrender…….There’s no way we can win…….”

“What happens if I surrender?”

“You don’t have to think about that……because if you surrender, everyone’s life will be spared.”

“Yukiha! If everyone is spared, what happens to you if I surrender?”

Yukiha’s tone was uncomfortable, so I questioned her about it.

“Based on what……Valkyria and Ruja have done so far, as a commander and a member of the royal family, I’m probably going to be……executed, but that’s okay, my life doesn’t matter as long as everyone is saved.“

Surrender is absolutely not an option if Yukiha is to be killed. I held my sword up to the dark wing that was slowly approaching me.

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