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I was sold at the lowest price C151

I was sold at the lowest price C151: In a pinch / Nagisa


There are about twenty Darkwing Magicrafts approaching, trying to surround me. I slowly adjust Labella’s position to avoid being surrounded, and prepare for the enemy’s attack.

Two enemy magicrafts attacked simultaneously from both sides. The speed of their attacks was faster than anything I’d ever seen before. I quickly crouched down to avoid the attacks and immediately tried to counterattack by swinging my sword, but another enemy machine stabbed me with a long spear. It was a sharp, quick thrust, and I stopped fighting back and avoided it by rolling forward.

Two new enemy magicrafts were waiting for me at the end of my roll. With a large sword and an axe attached to the end of a long stick, they attacked Labella. I quickly twisted my body and managed to avoid the attacks.

All the attacks were too fast and I couldn’t counterattack as usual. I thought that there would be no chance of winning if I continued to be attacked like this, so I decided to attack even if I had to force myself a little.

When the enemy magicraft slashed at me from the right with a circular moon-shaped sword, I took a step in the opposite direction and approached it, thrusting my sword out and poking it in the chest. As usual, I felt the sword pierce the enemy machine, but the strength of the body caused the sword to slide sideways with an unpleasant squeaking sound. Not wanting to give up, I pulled the sword back once, and with more force this time, slammed the sword into the neck of the enemy magicraft.

The sword stabbed deeply into the neck of the enemy machine, but it was stuck there. The enemy collapsed to the ground, leaving the sword in its neck.

I finally killed one of the planes in exchange for a sword, but there was no time to rest, and now I was attacked from three directions at once. I fended off the attack of the enemy plane in front of me by shifting my body, then I grabbed its right arm and used its strength to drag it down to the ground. Using the defeated enemy machine as a shield, I blocked the attacks of the other two magicrafts. However, at that moment, I felt a shock around my left shoulder.

I was looking for the right way to block the attack of the three machines, and was hit by a spear blow from behind. The parts on my left shoulder popped off and made a nasty sound.

I half-turned my body and approached the enemy that was attacking me with a spear, then I lifted its leg and twisted it with all of Labella’s body. A dry crunching sound was heard, and the enemy magicraft legs were crushed to pieces. However, the enemy magicraft caught Labella firmly in both arms while it’s legs were shattered.

Labella’s movement was blocked, and she was attacked relentlessly from four directions. I further twisted the legs of the battered enemy machine that was clinging to me, and swapped positions with it. The high-pitched sound of iron rubbing against iron echoed countless times, and the enemy magicraft that had become my shield was turned into a cruel wreck.

I managed to prevent the attack, but Labella was not unharmed. Part of its head was gouged out and the armor on its waist was ripped off. The situation was not getting any better as the four machines surrounding me were raising their weapons, ready to unleash another attack.


At the same time as Yukiha’s shout, the four enemy planes that had surrounded us stopped attacking and looked at something else. I also looked towards their gaze – and saw a battered Ewart closing in to help me. Jihad’s Idante and Delphine’s Basim had followed suit and were running towards me.

Another enemy magicraft, different from the four around me, approached Yukiha and the others in a carefree manner and lightly swung its sword to send their heads flying.

When I saw the shocking sight of the heads of the three magicraft heads being blown off, my vision went black – I guess I lost a bit of consciousness, and the next thing I saw was myself being restrained by the enemy machines on both sides, in addition, in front of me stood a magicraft holding a large sword.

With some kind of signal, the large sword was swung down. I could clearly feel Labella’s right arm being cut off. Labella was forced to stand up and was put in front of the enemy machine that had cut off it’s right hand. The enemy machine with its sword at the ready swung it down without mercy.

This time, my left hand was cut off – it seems that the enemy is trying to kill me. I guess they were pissed off that their buddies got killed, even if it was only two magicrafts……

At this time, when I had lost both my hands and could do nothing to resist……I unconsciously remembered my favorite childhood friend…

The neighborhood bully, who has been learning Aikido since he was a little boy, was not my enemy, and when I caught him bullying another kid, I would beat him up and scold him. As usual, the bully was taking away other kids’ toys and bullying them, and I didn’t hesitate to help them, but unfortunately, the bully’s older brother was with him that day.

Against a boy who was not much older than me, I was taken down and hit in the face with his fist many times. I was strong and feisty, so I didn’t cry, but that only made him angrier. They kept hitting me without cursing me for being a woman or telling me to hurry up and cry. Everyone ignored me except for one person…….Yuta screamed my name and threw himself at the bully’s brother. As he was distracted I grabbed him and bit him on the arm.

The bully’s brother was older than us, but still a child and the bite must have hurt so much that he finally started crying out loudly.

Yuta must have been so scared, because with a crying face, he said, “Nagisa, are you okay?”

From then on, whenever I was in a pinch, Yuta would always show up, and he would always save me when I needed help. I’m still in that moment right now. However, I had already given up on that thought as it would be impossible this time.

I looked over and saw that the enemy was about to swing his sword, perhaps for the last time, at Labella….Sorry, guys…….Sorry, Yuta…….I think I’m going to die here…….

[Don’t give up.]

From somewhere in my mind, I heard Yuta’s voice. I followed the voice and quickly twisted my body to avoid the final blow.

“You won’t dodge the next attack!”

The magicraft that swung the sword down warned me, and the others held Labella down and made her unable to move. I can’t even avoid it anymore.

“I hate you for killing my friends, die!”

With that, the sword swung down.

“Yuta, help me!”

I knew I couldn’t reach him, but I still shouted.

I closed my eyes and waited for the impact of the sword that was about to swing down. However, I did not feel the blow for a long time. I wondered if this was what it would be like to die, and slowly opened my closed eyes.

The first thing I saw was the cruel figure of the magicraft that had swung its sword down. It’s head was gone, and the arm that had held the sword was also missing.

For a moment, I didn’t know what had happened. However, the enemy machines that were grabbing me were blown up and torn in half. I realized that an unknown magicraft had saved me.

The magicraft was white, beautiful, and strong – those strong dark wings were overwhelmed, as if he was dealing with children.

The white magicrafts overlaps with Yuta image in my childhood. He wasn’t that strong, but somehow his movements seemed to be very similar to his. I was tempted to think that Yuta had come to save me on his magicraft, but that would be a fleeting fantasy.

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  1. gacki

    childhood reunion at last!!! what a cliffhanger!!!! give us 2 more chapters tonight T_T

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