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I was sold at the lowest price C152

I was sold at the lowest price C152: Those Who Help

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“Feri, I’m in a hurry and would like to avoid fighting on the way, can you tell me a suitable route?”

“Understood, sir. I’ll make reducing travel time a top priority.”

I was in a hurry, but the roads I was moving on were so bad that they couldn’t even be called roads, and I was forced to climb over some cliffs.

Somehow I managed to overcome Feri’s unreasonable route selection and arrived at the destination, the Balha Plateau, about half a day after my departure. In the Balha Plateau, fierce battles were being fought over a wide area.

“Feri, can you identify friendlies?”

“Yes, sir. I’ve analyzed Amurian beacon crystals.”

“All right, then. Let’s go help our allies.”

I returned the assault weapon to its original state of Maingauche and Estoc and charged into the battlefield.

“30 degrees right, we’re losing friendly magicrafts.”

I followed Feri’s navigation and helped my allies in distress. Since there are so many enemies, I try not to spend too much time on one machine at a time, and try to destroy them with the Estoc and Maingauche.

When we had killed about 50 enemy magicrafts, Feri made a suggestion.

“Master, I believe the fort on the hill belongs to our side, but it is about to be overrun by the enemy. It is a key point in this battle, and I recommend that you stop them.”

I looked up the hill and saw a fort surrounded by a large enemy force.

“Oh, that fort, all right. If it’s an important place, I’ll help them right away.”

As I ran up the hill and approached the fort, the enemy noticed Arleo’s presence and rushed towards me. At a rough count, there were nearly a hundred of them, but I still charged into the group.

While spinning around, I unleash a series of thrusting attacks with my Estoc. The surrounding area is full of enemies, so even a random thrust will get a hit. I use the Maingauche in my left hand to fend off the enemy attacks, and approach the fort while destroying them with my Estoc thrusts.

When I got close to the castle wall, I felt a strange feeling of dread come over me. What’s this feeling……I’ve felt it before……where was it……

I didn’t know what the feeling was, but I knew I had to get inside the fort right away. I couldn’t help feeling that there was something important in there.

“Feri, can I jump over those walls with Arleo?”

“Even with Arleo’s leaping ability, he’s still about five meters short.”

“Well, five meters short…..”

I used one of the enemy machines as a springboard and jumped high. The body length of the magic machine is about 10 meters, this is enough to reach it!

The machine that was used as a stepping stone was crushed to a pulp, but thanks to its sacrifice, it was able to jump over the castle wall. When I looked inside the fort from there, I saw a magicraft surrounded by many enemies, at the moment its arm was cruelly cut off. The moment I saw that, a huge amount of discomfort invaded my mind at once.

A strong feeling of anger stirred in me. I had to help him, I thought strongly for some reason…

I jumped down from the castle wall, approached it at once, and struck both arms of the enemy magicraft that was about to swing down its sword with my Estoc. At the same time, I sent its head flying with Maingauche.

I also lashed out at the two magicrafts that were restraining the one who had lost both arms. I destroyed one of them with a front kick and cut the other one in half with Estoc.

I don’t know why I’m so angry…….I don’t know why, but I was furious.

The enemies around me, who had been stunned by my sudden appearance, finally reacted, 20 or so of them came at me at once. I was still angry, and I fiercely attacked them.

I pierce the head of the first enemy machine that attacked me with a sword with my Estoc, then I avoided a horizontal axe attack from the side and approached the enemy, slicing off its head with Maingauche and kicking the abdomen of the magicraft that came from in front of me. It seems that I had unconsciously entered the Ludia concentration state, and all my movements were quick and powerful. The enemy machine felt as light as if I were fighting a large straw doll.

I was just trying to take out the enemies that were coming at me, when I noticed that the enemy near me was a flashy bright yellow magicraft. He wasn’t sure if it wanted to attack or flee but as I slowly approached him, it ran towards the entrance of the fort and fled.

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