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I was sold at the lowest price C153

I was sold at the lowest price C153 – Musou Mode


I look around and check the situation. It seems that the enemies inside the fort have been wiped out. Next, I decided to go outside to clear out the enemies outside the fort. As I was leaving, I called out to my allies using the external output sound.

“You there, the magicraft that lost both arms, are you okay?”

There was no reply from the magicraft, so I was worried that it was injured and could not move, but after a short pause, I heard a voice.

“It’s…….I’m fine…….”

“I’m going to go take out the enemies outside, so use the magicrafts that can move to defend the entrance. I’ll hit them hard so they won’t get near the fort, but maybe I’ll miss a few.

There were only about a dozen magicrafts that could move, but I thought they could at least protect the entrance.

I quickly headed outside to take care of the enemies out there.

-Yuta! ──

Suddenly, I felt as if someone called my name from behind. I turned around to check, but there was no change from before, it seemed I was imagining things.

Come to think of it, the voice of the rider of the magicraft earlier sounded similar to Nagisa’s, maybe that’s why I felt like that person called me.

The enemies outside the fort seemed to be confused about what was going on. After noticing Arleo’s appearance, they came towards me in pieces in a rather choppy manner. There were so many of them that it would be troublesome if they acted in a coordinated manner, but it seemed that there was something wrong with them or that their command system was weak.

There was no reason to wait for the commander to return, so I decided to annihilate the enemy while they were still easy to defeat.

There are several hundred of them, but if it was riding Viktor, it would be easy to finish them off with a single shot of Viktor Nova, but since I don’t have any weapons of mass destruction now, I’ll just have to take them out one by one.

“Master, with so many enemy magicrafts and no friendly ones nearby I recommend that you change to Musou Mode.”

“What is Musou mode?”

“It is a special mode that can only be used when you are in Ludia concentration mode. It consumes the maximum amount of energy and stamina, but it increases the efficiency of enemy destruction by 700%.”

“Okay, it’s very tiring, but I can kill enemies faster.”

“Yes, first insert Maingauche into the socket on Arleo’s right shoulder and then insert Estoc into the area on his back.”

“A shoulder socket? What the hell Rafishal, when did you put such a device on Arleo?”

I complained, but did as Feri said.

“I’m not sure what to make of that.”

“Approval to enter Musou mode is by voice input. Please shout ‘Heroic Boost’ loudly.”

I thought to myself, “What the hell is that?” but I did as I was told and shouted.

“Heroic enhancement authorized, entering Musou mode. Ludia Core, access – spell “Speed Up” – spell “Power Up” – spell “Aura Boost” – spell “Shine Fist” – all spells deployed.”

As Feri said this, there was a crunching sound and something subtle changed in Arleo’s form. Then, a golden aura, more intense than that of the usual Ludia concentration mode, enveloped Arleo.”

“Okay, it looks really strong. But how do I fight with these weapons locked away?”

“In Musou mode, both arms are powerful weapons.”

When Feri said that, I looked at my arms and saw that my fists were glowing with a powerful light. I see, so I should hit them with this thing. Well, let’s fight for now, I thought, and headed towards the enemy magicrafts that were approaching me.

I felt a strong gravitational pull, and in an instant I was close to the enemy. As a test, I hit the head of the enemy machine and the head disappeared, but the power of the attack seemed to be transmitted to the entire fuselage of the magicrafts, like a shock wave, the whole machine was blown up.

I guess I don’t need to hit them directly, the shockwave alone is quite powerful, so I can just use it as an attack.

I attacked the enemy magicrafts with a wave of my hand. There was a heavy boom of wind, and several enemy machines in front of me were stripped of their armor by the blow and blown away by tremendous force.

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