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I was sold at the lowest price C155

I was sold at the lowest price C155: Enemy Main Camp


The attack power of the Musou Mode was beyond my imagination. With a single swing of my arm, three or four enemy magicrafts would be blown up.

However, although I was in great shape and destroyed my enemies, the cost of the attack power of Musou Mode was also much greater than I had imagined. I found myself already gasping for breath even though the battle had only lasted about 10 minutes.

“I’m more tired than I thought.”

“The remaining strength of the enemy army is less than fifty percent. Master’s remaining power should be enough to destroy them.”

Feri says it’s easy, but 50% left means I’ll be as tired as I’ve been fighting up to this point…….That’s a bit harsh.

I was beginning to worry about my physical strength, but my opponents reached their limits before that. The enemies, fearful of my power, began to escape in disarray. As soon as one of them ran away, the others followed suit, and soon the entire army began to retreat.

I was far too tired to chase, so I let them go. As I took a slow deep breath to catch my breath, I received a message from Jean in the spirit box.

“Oh, Yuta, are you alright there?”

” I just drove the enemy army into retreat.”

“That’s good to know. In that case, maybe we should change the destination of Emou’s army.”

“What do you mean, they’re not coming this way?”

“No, I found out the location of the main camp of the Ruja Empire army from the enemy soldiers we captured in the battle earlier. I think this war will come to an end if we destroy it, so we’re heading there now.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“If you want to join us, come to the lake north of the Balha Plateau, the enemy’s main camp is further north.”

“Feri, what’s the status of the enemy forces in the area?”

“All of the enemy troops seem to be heading north, so they will probably join up with the main camp.”

“Then it’s no use for us to stay here. Jean, let’s meet up at the northern lake.”

Heading north in Musou mode was going to be tiring, so I canceled Musou mode. I would really like to take a break at the fort, but I don’t know what Jean will say if I’m late, so I decide to head north immediately.

But just as I was about to head north, I felt a piercing gaze from the fort. It seems that they were watching my fight. I waved my hand towards the fort to show my intention to leave for now.

But what was that gaze? I wonder if I could have been an ardent fan in the fort.

When I arrived at the northern lake, the Emou army was already waiting for me. I was pretty tired, so I quickly headed back to Fugaku. Ranelle was also on board; it seems they successfully met up with Jean and the others.

“Yuta, you look tired. We’ll be at the enemy’s main camp in about two hours, so rest until then.”

Jean looks at my tired face and says so.

“Two hours…….I’ll get something to eat and go to bed.”

“Do that, we don’t know how many enemies are waiting for us.”

While I was having a simple meal in the cafeteria, Ranelle came over and thanked me.

“Thank you, Yuta-san, for saving my people. I just received a message from my sister, and she was very grateful.”

“There was quite a bit of damage when I got there, were they okay?”

“Yes, the magicrafts and the ride carriers were mostly damaged, but the human casualties were minor……”

“That’s good.”

The conversation was over, but Ranelle was sitting next to me, watching me eat. If she’s hungry, she should eat something, but I guess she’s being reserved.

“My sister asked me a lot about Yuta-san, asking me who you were, it seems that you played a big role.”

Ranelle starts talking to me again.

“I didn’t do much. There were no strong opponents.”

“My sister said the Dark Wings of Valkyria were there…….”

“Oh, really? Which unit are you talking about…..?”

The enemies were a bit unimpressive, so I couldn’t really tell which one was the Darkwing.

“The Dark Wings are a unit made up of riders above the rank of Highlander, to defeat them without difficulty, what is Yuta-san’s Ludia value?”

“I think it’s around one million.”


Ranelle seemed sincerely surprised. However, she still didn’t really believe it, and responded with a laugh and another joke.

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  1. [“What am I supposed to do?”]

    [“If you want to join us, come to the lake north of the Balha Plateau, the enemy’s main camp is further north.”]
    what are you doing… stop…

    [“Then it’s no use for us to stay here. Jean, let’s meet up at the northern lake.”]

  2. Nanashi

    Thanks for the chapter…
    Didn’t they agree to do not spread his real ludia value?
    It would be more fun if he said 2…

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