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I was sold at the lowest price C156

I was sold at the lowest price C156: Chasing / Nagisa

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I watch Yuta walk away from the fort. He’s always been extremely dull, so there’s no way he’d notice me. I think I need to meet him in person and at least give him a slap on the cheek.

“Nagisa, why are you crying?……Did something happen?”

Yukiha looked at my crying face and asked worriedly.

“No, it’s nothing, but Yukiha, I need you to fix Labella ASAP.”

If I explained about Yuta now, she would not understand. Instead, I was thinking of chasing after Yuta with my magicraft.

“Yes, it’s possible that the enemy will return, so let’s gather the mechanics and have them repair Labella right away.”

Amurian mechanics and Temira mechanics that were at the fort were all mobilized to repair Labella. In fact, I think they rushed to fix it in order to protect this place……I felt guilty, but I asked Yukiha to do it.

“You want to chase the white magicraft in Labella? Can you explain to me what’s going on Nagisa……?”

“I need to check something. It’s very important to me…….”

“Okay, go ahead. Fortunately, we have confirmed that all the enemies in this area have retreated, and I think we will be safe for a while.”

“Oh, thank you, Yukiha!”

As I hurriedly started to board Labella, Yukiha stopped me.

“Wait a minute, Nagisa. You’re chasing after the white magicraft, but do you know where he went?”

“He said he’s going north so that’s where I’ll go too.”

“I’ve just been talking to Ranelle over the comms, and it seems that the Emou army is planning to attack the main camp of the Ruja army, if the white magicraft belongs to the Emou army, it will probably join them. Ask Ranelle directly on the Amurian army channel for the detailed location.”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you, Yukiha.”

“In addition, it would take too much time to chase after him with Labella, there was a ride hover in the fort that can carry your magicraft, give my name and ask to borrow it.”

Yukiha, sensing something, helped me. I thanked her and started running to chase after Yuta.

When I mentioned Yukiha’s name, I was able to borrow the ride hover right away. After loading Labella, I got into the driver’s seat of the ride hover. The operation is not so different from that of a magicraft. There is only one control ball, so the feeling is a little strange, but I soon got used to the controls.

The ride hover is much faster than Labella. Thanking Yukiha for her thoughtfulness, I headed north where Yuta was.

After a while, the lake came into view. The Emou army should be nearby by now. I opened a communication with Ranelle on the Amurian channel.

“Ranelle, can you hear me? I’m Nagisa, and I’m coming up to you, please tell me where you are.”

“Oh, Nagisa, what’s wrong? I just got a message from Yukiha that you’re coming this way, but I didn’t know you would be alone.”

“I’ve got something important to do, so tell me where you are.”

“Oh, where are you?

“I’m at a lake north of the Balha Plateau.”

“Then you’re close. There’s a small hill to the north of the lake, and the Emou army is at the top of the hill.”

“Roger that. I’m on my way.”

“We’re almost at the main camp of Ruja’s invasion force, so be careful.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Oh, Nagisa…”

“What? Ranelle.”

“No, I don’t think now is a good time. I have something I want to talk to Nagisa about, but it might be better after this battle is over.”

Ranelle said this with some happiness.

“Something good has happened. I look forward to hearing about it.”

Even though I can’t see her face through the communication, I can see Ranelle’s smile. I don’t know what happened, but if she’s happy, I’m very happy too.

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  1. LOTRfreak101

    well she’s gonna have to get in line. there are a lot of girls after yutas ludia core.

  2. NakraL

    Yes, that “something good” is her probably planning to steal Yuta away from you xD
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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