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I was sold at the lowest price C157

I was sold at the lowest price C157: Annihilation


After an hour’s nap, I was woken up by Jean. As soon as I woke up, I was sent into battle against the Ruja Empire’s army. Jean is delivering a message to the entire army to prepare for battle.

“We’re going to hit the Ruja Empire so hard that they won’t be willing to come back for a long time, all troops, prepare for battle!”

I knew that an hour of sleep was not enough at all. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and headed for the hangar.

“Yuta will cut in from the center and break up the enemy army, Linnecarlo will destroy the enemy army on the left flank, Nanami and I will destroy the enemy army on the right flank, Emina and Arthur will support the Emou army, while Lorgo and Farma will defend the area near Fugaku and follow up with other units.”

We all nodded at Alana’s instructions for the mission and each got into our own magicraft. I was about to get into my Arleo, but Ranelle stopped me.

“I’d like to participate in the central attack with Yuta-san…….”

“No, it’s not safe for you to be with me, so Ranelle, can you help Lorgo and the others defend Fugaku?”

The idea of cutting through the enemy army from the center was, if I do say so myself, a reckless strategy that only I could pull off, and I couldn’t take the princess along for such a mission. So I asked her to stay behind.

Ranelle was not convinced, but reluctantly agreed to it.

The enemy army has about 800 magicrafts, almost four times as many as ours. Perhaps because there was such a large difference in strength, the enemy forces seemed to be ready to fight us head on, deploying their troops to intercept us.

If I cut into the center, the enemy’s forces will be divided. This would weaken their organized attack and greatly reduce the danger to my friends. I charged into the enemy army before anyone else.

“Yuta, don’t be reckless, if it looks bad, you can retreat.”

Jean also seemed to understand that my mission was reckless and told me so. Well, for now, I’ll just charge in and see what happens.

I decided not to use the Musou mode this time because it consumes too much energy. There were too many of them, so I could imagine that it would be quite dangerous when I ran out of energy. I used Estoc and Maingauche in normal mode to destroy the enemy magicrafts.

I caught a glimpse of my friends, but like Nanami and Emina, the Iron Knights magicrafts seemed to have been greatly powered up by Rafishal and were showing a spectacular performance. In particular, the new arrows that Farma’s Garuda is equipped with are showing incredible power. With a single draw of her bow, about ten arrows flew through the air, and each arrow was wrapped in a vortex of wind that crushed the enemy magicraft it hit.

Alana’s Bercya twin swords spew out flames, attacking the enemy magicrafts with scorching fire. I could see that the enemy machine was red hot and turning into sludge. I wonder how hot the temperature has become…….

Lorgo’s Ganesha appeared to be just holding his shield to block the enemy’s attack, but the enemy magicraft that was blocked by Ganesha’s shield was damaged and blown away in the opposite direction. I’m not sure what kind of ability it is, but it was definitely overwhelming the enemy.

Arthur’s Sentor seems to hold a large weapon. He held it in a strangely cool manner and charged in a straight line at the enemy troops. It seems to have more ramming power than before, and when the enemy magicraft touched the lance it was sent flying like a bullet.

Linnecarlo’s Odin hasn’t changed much from before, he’s still firing a series of amazing lightning range attacks. Rafishal didn’t tamper with Odin in any way, did he? I didn’t see that much change.

After that, we succeeded in splitting the enemy forces. The formation collapsed and I could see that the enemy’s organizational strength had been reduced.

Perhaps sensing their disadvantage due to the collapse of their formation, a large number of barrel-like objects were thrown out from the enemy’s ride carriers. When the barrels fell to the ground, they caused a huge explosion, destroying both friend and foe alike.

“What the hell is that weapon? It’s destroying everything!”

Jean shouted angrily. The enemy commander, whether outrageous or stupid, launched an attack that involved his allies in the melee.

“Yuta! Can you destroy the ride carrier that’s using that weapon? If we don’t, the damage to us will be too great!”

“All right, I’ll go and silence them.”

The ride carrier that was launching the barrels was heavily defended, as it was an important ship of the enemy army. A large number of heavyweight large magicrafts were defending it, and it did not look easy to approach.

It wasn’t strong, but it was durable and had a hard defense. The progress was more difficult than expected, and it was still going to take some time to reach the ride carrier. If I don’t do something, the damage to my allies will increase…….When I was thinking this, an enemy magicraft approached me from the side in a strange way. I immediately looked at it and realized that it was the magicraft that had both arms cut in Balha Plateau fort.

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    he’s still firing a series of amazing lightning range attacks -> she’s still firing a series of amazing lightning range attacks

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