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I was sold at the lowest price C158

I was sold at the lowest price C158: Fighting Together

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“Hey, why are you here? Your arms look like they’ve been repaired, but not too long ago, did you rush to fix them?”

Since there was no communication sharing, I asked using the external output sound, but there was no reply. Instead, the magicraft headed towards the enemy machines as if to convey some kind of intention.

Against the large and powerful enemy’s machine, the thin and weak-looking magicraft attacked with its bare hands. It broke the joints of the big magicraft, twisted it’s head to knock it down, and defeated the enemy bigger than him with movements that were so gaping that I wondered where the power came from. But still, it’s a very strange way to fight…….

At that moment, I felt a strange sense of nostalgia from that magicraft. I tried to lose myself in my thoughts, but the enemy didn’t give me much time to do so. One of them attacked me, swinging a huge axe. I avoided the surprise attack and used Estoc to poke the joints of its neck, chest and arms in succession, destroying it.

I switched my mind to concentrate on attacking the enemy and started attacking the enemy troops guarding the ride carrier. Then, in response, that allied magicraft also made its move.

I attacked the two enemy planes in front of me by poking them with Estoc. The enemy magicraft that approached from the left was pushed down by the friendly magicraft that pulled the enemy’s arm and swung it around. The head of the enemy machine that was about to attack my ally from behind was quickly sliced with Maingauche. Without pause, two enemy magicrafts raise their swords and attack me. I pierce one of them down with Estoc, and the other is cut down by the friendly magicraft that pulls out a long, thin sword similar to a Japanese sword.

The allied magicraft and I looked at each other and nodded, and at the same time glared at the enemy troops. The enemy, perhaps overwhelmed by our spirit, slowly retreated.

Without either of us giving a signal, Arleo and my ally magicraft moved simultaneously. We worked together so well that it’s hard to believe that this is the first time we’ve fought together.

When I blocked the enemy’s attack with Maingauche, my ally sliced off the enemy’s head with its sword. I held the arm of the enemy magicraft that had slashed at me by my side and knocked it down, then crushed its head with Estoc.

I took a big step and kicked the enemy magicraft in front of me, knocking it down. Then I blocked another enemy machine attack from the side with Maingauche and counterattacked with Estoc, pushing it down. An enemy magicraft attacked me at the moment my hands were blocked, but it was blocked by my ally and I cut it down in return.

What is this sense of security?……It’s as if I’m fighting alongside my fellow Iron Knights…….No, it’s more than that. I feel calm and peaceful even though I’m in the middle of a battle.

Whether it knew how I felt or not, my ally magicraft moved exactly the way I wanted it to. I even felt a strange sensation as if my body had been split in two.

After clearing out the enemy troops guarding the ride carrier, we broke through the hatch and entered the ride carrier. If we could destroy the Ludia core in the power section of the ride carrier, everything would stop functioning.

The power unit was located in the lower center of the ship. The large, round core was pierced with Estoc and destroyed. There was a sudden silence as a tremendous sound echoed from the ship……It seems that the ride carrier has stopped functioning.

When we got outside, the attack from the enemy ship had stopped. It seemed to have worked. Enemies in the vicinity, perhaps angry at having their precious ship destroyed, attacked us.

While fighting, there was a moment when I suddenly and naturally looked at the battle of the allied magicraft calmly. Moves I’ve seen somewhere……No, I’ve seen that figure many, many times……Gradually, the figure of the allied magicraft and the surrounding scenery were replaced by an old memory……

There is an old dojo, the family home of a childhood friend……. Even if I go to visit on a day off from school, my childhood friend is always forced to practice her daily routine…….It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation. I always waited in the corner of the dojo until the practice was over.

The ally’s magicraft and my childhood friend’s figure at the time match perfectly – I took out the last of the attacking enemy troops and approached the ally’s machine.

“Are you Nagisa?”

When I said that, the allied magicraft stopped moving.

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