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I was sold at the lowest price C159

I was sold at the lowest price C159: Fighting Together / Nagisa


By the time I arrived, the battle had already begun. Emou’s army was smaller and seemed to be at a disadvantage, but I wondered if they would be okay. I should probably join the fight, but right now my mind is occupied with looking for Yuta, so I naturally looked around the battlefield for a white magicraft.

I thought it would be quite difficult to find a single magicraft on the large battlefield. However, I could vaguely see where he was. I sensed him not by sight, but by feeling.

“There’s Yuta over there……”

I muttered to myself.

Running across the battlefield, I headed for him in a straight line. On the way, my path was blocked by the Ruja army, but I fought off their attacks, jumped over the enemy magicrafts, and moved on selflessly.

He was fighting alone in the midst of the enemy army – showing off his overwhelming power against a large magicraft. Strangely enough, Yuta was said to have a Ludia value of 2, but I did not question why he was doing so well.

After throwing away the magicraft that tried to attack Yuta, he finally noticed my presence and said.

“Hey, why are you here? Your arms look like they’ve been repaired, but not too long ago, did you rush to fix them?”

I was annoyed at the way he said it. I’m aware that he’s Yuta, but this guy doesn’t even notice who I am, even after spending so much time together, he’s really insensitive.

I decided to keep quiet until he will notice and attacked the enemies without answering him.

We have always played together, misbehaved together, gotten angry together, and done everything together. I didn’t even have to think about what Yuta was going to do. Maybe that’s why our coordination was so perfect. We were destroying the enemy troops with great speed.

It seemed that Yuta’s objective was to destroy the enemy ride carrier. After defeating the enemy troops, he broke into the large ride carrier and shut it down from the inside.

After we achieved our objective and got out of the ride carrier, the enemy in the vicinity attacked us.

But still, I wonder why he didn’t notice even though we’ve been fighting together for so long. I guess my presence in Yuta’s heart is a small thing. Such nervous thoughts remind me of a bad memory…..If the other person was Shirayuki-san, Yuta would have noticed. But he doesn’t notice because we’re just childhood friends who don’t like each other or anything. Maybe so, I love Yuta, but he has someone else he loves.

That’s right, how could he possibly notice?……Just when I was feeling more and more depressed, a word reached my ears that stopped me from feeling that way.

“Are you Nagisa?”

The moment I heard those words from Yuta, tears welled up in my eyes. I was happy, he had noticed me. Even though we were just childhood friends, I was in Yuta’s heart, and just being able to confirm that made my heart burn.

However, perhaps because I didn’t want him to realize how I felt, I acted contrary to my happy feelings. My Labella was tapping on the head of the white magicraft and I shouted loudly over the external output sound.

“You’re too slow to notice! How dull you are, stupid Yuta! Your childhood friend is this close to you, and you know how I felt fighting with you! I…”

My words were interrupted there, because the white magicraft hugged Labella. No, it wasn’t…….Yuta hugged me and then Yuta said.

“Thank God, it’s really Nagisa. I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried about you, Nagisa…….”


I can’t take it anymore, I can’t stop crying…….Why would this guy hug a girl he doesn’t like?……I’ll get the wrong idea……

“Nagisa, we can talk later, first let’s finish this battle.”

This is a battlefield, and we shouldn’t be too happy to see each other again, but then don’t hug me, you really are a man without delicacy.

“Let’s get this over with.”

It was all I could do to keep my strength up. I pushed the white magicraft away from me and took a fighting stance toward the enemy so that he would not realize I was crying.

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  1. [This is a battlefield, and we shouldn’t be too happy to see each other again, but then don’t hug me, you really are a man without delicacy.]

    don’t tell me she is going to go into tsundere mode..,

  2. gacki

    you know Nagisa, harem is common in fantasy world, so should be alright to fall in love with him. 🙂

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