I was sold at the lowest price C161

I was sold at the lowest price C161

I was sold at the lowest price C161: The Story of a Childhood Friend


“All right, it looks like it’s all taken care of, so let’s head to the Holy City of Temira.”

The war was coming to an end, but we didn’t know what action the Ruja Empire would take after this. There was a possibility that they would attack again after receiving immediate help from the Valkyria Empire, so we couldn’t go back to the Emou Kingdom just yet.

I’d like to rest in my room, but Nagisa won’t let me go. Sure, there’s a lot to talk about, but I think we can do that after I rest…….

While I was listening to Nagisa’s angry, one-sided story, Ranelle came over to us. Oh, I see. Nagisa has been taking care of me in Ranelle’s country, so we’re acquainted. When Nagisa saw Ranelle, she introduced me to her.

“Oh, Ranelle, I should introduce you to Yuta, my childhood friend.”

When Nagisa said that to Ranelle, she looked a little deflated, there’s nothing to introduce me, Ranelle and I already know each other.

“Nagisa, I already know Ranelle, you don’t need to introduce us.”

“Oh, I see. You already know each other.”

“Nagisa……childhood friend is……the person you were talking to before, you mean Yuta……?”

Ranelle asked Nagisa with a puzzled expression.

“Eh, ah……yes……that childhood friend I told you about before…….”

Nagisa admitted in an indecisive manner. I’m not sure, but it seems that the two of them have talked about me before.

“Oh, yeah…….”

I could see Ranelle’s expression clouding over at an alarming rate. What did Nagisa tell Ranelle about me? I hope she didn’t tell her about the bad things I did as a child, some things can’t be said out loud.

I thought Ranelle despised me a little, but she quickly returned to her usual expression and sat down next to me on the opposite side of the beach.

“Yuta, are you hungry? Shall I get you something?”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

I’d rather sleep……but I wasn’t in the mood to make that claim. In the meantime, Nagisa talked to me without pause.

“If you want to eat something, I can make those fried potatoes that Yuta liked.”

No, I said I’m not hungry. Sure, I want to eat the fried potatoes that Nagisa made, but……

My friends, who had been careful to leave me alone with my childhood friend for the first time in a long time, did not hesitate to gather around me when they saw that there were now three of us with the addition of Ranelle.

“Well, Nagisa, if you’re his childhood friend, you know about Yuta’s childhood, so tell me.”

“Nanami wants to hear it too! What was Yuta like?”

Everyone looked at Nagisa, expecting her to say something. Perhaps sensing their expectations she began to speak slowly.

“Well……Yuta is still the same, in a good way and a bad way, he’s always childish, insensitive, careless, oh yeah, there was this one time when I was little…”

As she said this, Nagisa started talking about my past. I don’t know what’s so interesting about my childhood, but everyone starts to concentrate on Nagisa’s story. This might be a good opportunity to get out of here and escape to my room while you still can……I thought, and tried to quietly leave my seat.

“Oh, Yuta’s trying to go somewhere!”

Nanami, listen to what people are saying and concentrate! Nanami’s tip-off exposed my escape, and everyone looked at me and silently pressured me to return to my seat.

I was about to give up and go back to my seat, when I received an unexpected helping hand.

“Hey, you guys, Yuta’s been working like a horse since yesterday and he’s tired, it’s time to give him a break.”

Nice, Jean. Yes, tell them more.

“But right now, Yuta’s childhood friend is telling a funny story about Yuta’s childhood.”

“What? A funny story about Yuta…….We should listen to it in his presence. Yuta, you’ll take a break when the story is over.”

“Jean! I thought you were on my side!”

“Come on you’re young, you can do it.”

Damn it……there’s nothing interesting about listening to your own funny stories! I don’t want to hear it.

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  1. NakraL

    lmao, just sleep in their presence. They probably won’t bother him if he’s too tired that he managed to fall asleep while not being in a bed
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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