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I was sold at the lowest price C162

I was sold at the lowest price C162: A Quick Turnaround

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In the holy city of Temira, the Emou, Temira, and Amurian armies were repairing their damaged magicrafts and preparing for unforeseen circumstances. The soldiers were also given a temporary rest to regain their wits.

Temira was still in a state of being unable to escape from the atmosphere of battle, but a series of communications from the countries of the Eastern Alliance changed the situation.

“The nations of the Eastern Alliance are asking me to be their leader again and bring the alliance together.”

Lord Veda of Temira said in disgust.

“They betrayed us and now they’re coming back as if nothing happened.”

Jean, who was participating in the meeting between Temira and Amuria as a representative of Emou, said so.

“However, it is true that many nations will need to join forces to counter the power of the Ruja Empire……no, the Valkyria Empire.”

“Yes, but I think this time we’ve seen that the same coalition organization as before is fragile and collapses when there’s too much pressure on each individual. If we are to rebuild the Eastern Alliance, I think we need to create a new organization that can solve these problems.”

Ranelle gives her opinion on behalf of Amuria to Lord Veda’s words. I’m not used to seeing her like that, so it’s refreshing.

“I agree with Princess Ranelle. I had discussed this with King Emou before this meeting, and he replied that he had a good idea.”

“What was the good idea?”

“He’s on his way here to talk to us directly. I also heard that a few other guests that King Emou had approached will be coming, but he didn’t give me any specific information yet.”

King Emou is on his way here. Ranelle was also surprised that she hadn’t heard about it beforehand.

It was three days later that King Emou and his guests arrived. Three guests showed up, and surprisingly, all of them were lords of large countries.

“How is it that King Murat V of Cibali, President Bausen of the Lurva Republic, and Queen Menemiah of the Linea Kingdom……are all among the greatest nations in the East?”

Ranelle was truly surprised when she saw the guests. They seemed to be such a splendid group of people.

“The nations gathered here share a major problem, and I would like to present a proposal that will solve it all at once.”

King Emou began to speak to the people gathered here.

“The great common problem of the eastern nations must be the Valkyria Empire. How can you solve it, King Emou?”

“Normally, I would suggest an alliance, but……the nations gathered here can’t defeat the Valkyria Empire if they are all united.”

“King Emou, I’ve come all this way because I’m interested in your proposal, but I’ll be disappointed if the solution is just a grand alliance.”

The guests spoke their thoughts. King Emou looked around at the participants, and then resumed his speech.

“No matter how many nations gather together, they will not be able to compete with a superpower like the Valkyria Empire due to the difficulty of cutting and coordinating, so what should we do? I would like to propose the establishment of a federal state by the eastern countries.”

“A confederacy?!”

“A confederacy of small countries in the east?”

“It’s true that in a federal state, it’s possible to build a strong organization while retaining the individual countries…….Interesting, as expected of King Emou, it was worth the trouble of coming here.”

“If Emou, Bausen, Lurva, and Linea, the four countries that dislike the Valkyria Empire, would be interested in joining the Federation then what do you think, Lord Beda of Temira, and Lord Majni of Amuria?”

“I think it’s an excellent proposal, and if it comes to fruition, most of the eastern nations may join.”

Lord Veda agreed with King Emou’s proposal. Majni of Amuria, on the other hand, pointed out another problem.

“But what about the head of state, King Murat V, King Emou, President Bausen or Queen Menemiah, who will take the office?”

“Of course we are considering that, and in the future we would like to nominate someone to be the first head of state, to be voted on by the representatives of each nation every few years.”

“King Emou’s recommendation, that’s interesting, who is this gem that can unite the east?”

“There she is, the Second Princess Ranelle of Amuria.”

Ranelle froze in surprise when she was suddenly nominated by King Emou.

“I can’t play such a big role…….”

“The idea of a federal state had been in the works for a long time, but I thought it would be difficult to realize due to the fact that there was no one who could become the first head of state. But then I met Princess Ranelle, and I saw her skills. I believe she was instrumental in protecting Temira and stopping the invasion of the Ruja Empire.”

“No, there was nothing I could do. I think it was the power of the Emou army that saved Temira…….”

“Wasn’t it Princess Ranelle, of all people, who moved the Emou army?”

The guests agreed with King Emou’s words.

“Yes, we came here not only because we were invited by King Emou, but also because we were interested in the small country of Amuria, which is said to have defeated the Ruja Empire who had the support of the Valkyria Empire. I think it’s a good idea, and I too would like to ask Princess Ranelle to be our first head of state.”

Whether the Valkyria Empire was hated or considered a threat, the nations gathered here had made the big decision to establish a federal state. Furthermore, Ranelle was highly regarded. I knew she was good, but to think that she was this amazing.

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