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I was sold at the lowest price C163

I was sold at the lowest price C163: Shrine of the Great Sage Rafishal / Yuki


Beyond the ancient ruins at the far end of the lake was a vast underground space. There were a number of relics scattered around, and it took a long time to investigate all of them.

“You’ve already been investigating the underground space for a month, Dr. Brule, have you gotten anything out of it?”

I guess she was getting tired of the same old scenery and the same old research. Mary asked Dr. Brule, who was eating.

“We are very close to finding the remains of the Great Sage Rafishal’s sleep. Once we solve the mystery of the last key, we will be able to figure everything out.”

“Does the Great Sage Rafishal just sleep? I wonder if he ever wakes up.”

When I say that out of curiosity, Mary denies it with a little laugh.

“Yuki, what are you talking about, it can’t be, he’s been dead for thousands of years. I think this is just his grave.”

“Yeah, it’s just a tomb.”

I agreed, but Dr. Brule said with a straight face,

“Not really, it’s quite possible that he’s just asleep.”

Mary was surprised to hear that.

“So it’s possible that he could wake up and talk to us……”

“That is the real purpose of my research, the knowledge of the Great Sage……which I believe to be more valuable than any treasure.”

The first seal was about to be lifted on the circular ruins, the largest of all the ruins in the underground space, and the one that Dr. Brule had been most interested in since its discovery.

“I knew there was a clue to unlocking the seal hidden in this stone monument.”

Dr. Brule said as she touched the strings of letters on the stone monument. The letters on the stone monument glowed faintly when Dr. Brule touched them, drawing a trail of light – and the moment she touched the last letter, the frame of the monument glowed red and the air around it became heavy.

“What happened?”

“The first seal has now been broken.”

After Dr. Brule’s words, a great change came over the entire underground space. A loud sound like something starting up resounded and the underground space was lit up. It was as if electricity had been supplied to the underground space.

“The second seal is within these circular ruins.”

The circular ruins were a rather large building, and it’s passageways were passable by magicrafts. Mary and I boarded our magicrafts to escort Dr. Brule and her research team to the second seal.

With the first seal broken, the large metal door, which I had been unable to open before, opened easily with a swoosh, allowing me to proceed into the ruins. As we walked through the wide passage, we came to a space the size of a baseball field.

“Doctor! Stand back for a moment, please! There’s something here!”

Mary called out to Dr. Brule, as she had found something. I looked and saw that there was a large object in the center of a large circular room. I couldn’t tell what it was from here, but it looked like a magicraft.

“Yuki, let’s see if there’s any danger.”


I let Dr. Brule and the others stand back, and Mary and I approached the large object.

When we got close, the object reacted. With a high-pitched beeping sound, the object wakes up……like a rusty old machine.

“What is that, a magicraft?”

It looked like a magicraft, but its form was not humanoid, and closer to a beast. When the mechanical beast confirmed our appearance, it attacked us with great speed.

“It’s probably the Guardian of the Ruins! Be careful, the power of the Ancient Guardians is unknown!”

Dr. Brule warned me with the Spirit Box.

In an instant, he was in my face, and the next thing I knew, the mechanical beast was biting me on the neck. I heard the sound of some wires being bitten off.


Mary shouts my name and tries to pierce the mechanical beast with her spear. However, perhaps sensing the attack, the mechanical beast removes its fangs from my neck and avoids Mary’s attack.

Once the mechanical beast was away and I was free, I pulled my rapier out of its sheath then pointed it’s tip at the mechanical beast, signaling my intent to fight.

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