I was sold at the lowest price C164

I was sold at the lowest price C164

I was sold at the lowest price C164: Guardian / Yuki

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The mechanical beast slowly circled us in a clockwise direction, keeping its distance. It was probably looking for the right moment to pounce.

The first one to move was Mary. The magic machine she was riding is the same model of the Shuriapur that Emina was riding, the Variapur, a machine dedicated to Double Highlanders. I don’t know much about it, but according to the mechanics, it’s called a well-balanced masterpiece.

Mary uses a three-pronged spear called a trident as her weapon. She used the trident to deliver a divine speed thrust at the mechanical beast. The mechanical beast quickly avoided the attack and hit Mary head first. She let out a small moan and was blown away by the impact.

I approached the mechanical beast with small steps and unleashed a barrage of attacks with my rapier. The mechanical beast avoided all of them with its terrifying maneuvers.

“Yuki, this opponent is tough, let’s attack at the same time!”

I agree with Mary’s suggestion. The Guardian’s power seemed to be at least as strong as a triple Highlander.

Mary gets behind the mechanical beast while I keep it in check with my rapier attacks.

“Yuki! Now!”

At the same time, Mary also swung her trident and unleashed a powerful attack.

Even the quick mechanical beast seemed to have difficulty reacting to simultaneous attacks from the front and back, and the trident’s blow sliced through it’s torso, while my rapier pierced the head.

The mechanical beast crumpled to the spot, making a dull……sound.

“Looks like we beat him.”

“I don’t think I could have won if I was alone…….”

There was no doubt that he was quite a formidable opponent.

“Well, triple Highlander Yuki would have won. If it had been just me, I’m pretty sure I’d have been beaten.”

Just to be sure, I checked the safety of the surroundings and told Dr. Brule, who was waiting behind me.

“Dr. Brule, I think we’re safe now.”

“Thank you. I guess an escort is essential when investigating ancient ruins.”

“Does this happen at other ruins?”

“It’s not uncommon, the Guardians can wipe out a survey team.”

It is true that I actually felt it when I fought the Guardian, but I think that an ordinary magicraft would be unable to stand up to it.

As we moved on from the large space where the Guardian had been, we found a stone slab just like the one at the entrance. Dr. Brule alternately looked at some kind of note and the words on the tablet, and nodded.

“As I suspected, Sage Rafishal lies just ahead.”

“Is that the final seal?”

“I don’t know that yet, we have to break the seal…….”

As she said this, she added something to his notes and began to talk to the other doctors to find out how to break the seal.

After an hour or so, Dr. Brule began to touch the tablet with her finger and manipulate it in some way, like she knew how to lift the next seal. The letters on the tablet that Dr. Brule touched glowed faintly and drew a trail of light.

“Okay, that should do it.”

As Dr. Brule said this, the frame of the stone slab began to glow red. There was a strange beeping sound, and the door, which had been tightly closed in the back, slowly began to open.

From there on, the passage was too narrow for magicrafts to pass through so I called the guards from the ride carrier to accompany the survey team.

“Yuki, we should go too.”

“We won’t be able to do anything if we don’t have a magicraft.”

“Aren’t you interested in the Great Sage? He might be sleeping down there.”

“You’re right, I am interested, but the Guardians might show up again, so we’d better secure the outside.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve called Enrique, he’ll take care of the outside.”

It was partly because Mary had insisted on asking me, but it was also because I was interested in the Great Sage, so I ended up accompanying Dr. Brule.

After a while, there was a long staircase leading down. Without hesitation, we descended the stairs and continued on our way. At the end of the stairs was an even stronger door, but Dr. Brule opened it easily, as if she already knew how to unlock it.

Beyond the door was a large room, about the size of a large company conference room. In the center of the room was a coffin-like capsule with a person asleep inside. The person sleeping was a young man in his twenties, with a good-looking face.

“I did it…….I finally found him…….The Great Sage Rafishal.”

Dr. Brule announced.

The Great Sage Rafishal……Despite the excitement of the survey team, for some reason I felt a sudden rush of anxiety in the depths of my heart.

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