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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C11

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C11: Rogue Lords (11)



[You have earned level-up points]

[Points owned: 700]

Every time you level up, you get level up points. This time, I was able to level up to level 8 in one go, which earned me a whopping 700 points. These points are very valuable. There are a lot of things to be done using them.

[Buy Skills]

[Strengthen Martial Force]

[Strengthen Item]

Points can be used for these three categories. Not only that, but I also need points to activate the skills I purchased. If I don’t have points, I can’t use a skill even if I have it. Of course, this is the case for general skills; weapon skills contained in weapons have specific restrictions regardless of points.

When you level up from 90 to 91, you don’t have to worry about points, because you will be awarded quite a few points just because you are at a high level. But when you are at a low level like me now, it means that I have to plan and spend my points well.

What I need to do now is to strengthen my martial force. The stronger

I am, the less risk of death I have, because in war, being strong is justice.

[Strengthen Martial force?]

[Cost 200 points]

My current martial force is 58, more points will be needed to strengthen it once it goes over 60. Strengthening martial force is not as easy as it sounds and it takes a lot of time.

I agreed to the message in my head.

[Martial Force is now 59]

My target was 60, so I tried to strengthen it again.

[Martial Force is now at 60]

I spent a total of 400 points to increase my martial power by 2. The reason why I need to go above 59 is simple: if I keep it at 60, I’ll be at 90 when I use Daitouren, which means I’ll be at A class. There’s a big difference between B class and A class.

I choose [Strengthen Martial Force] again.

[Strengthen Martial force?]

[Cost 300 points]

I wanted to see how many points would be consumed; it had gone up from 200 to 300 points, probably because I had become a D-class warrior.

Now I have 300 points left. Hmm, what should I do?

Should I try to buy some skills? Skills are also an essential part of the battlefield. They can provide me with special abilities, and if I have a few of them, I can use them effectively to get out of dangerous situations.

Of course, strengthening me weapons is not a bad idea either, the stronger the weapon, the lower the risk of death. Naturally, a lot of points are going to be spent to strengthen Daitouren.

[Daitouren Lv.10/10]

[Would you like to enhance the item?]

[Cost 5000 points]

I just had to check to make sure. Without bothering with it, I quickly moved on to [Buy Skills]. People in this world use a special power called mana to use their skills. The stronger the warlord, the more special skills he has. Of course, there are cases where they are only strong but have no skills. I can’t use mana because I’m not from this world but in my case, I can use the system to materialize my skills instead.

[Buy Skill]

[Attack Skill]

[Defense Skill]

[Special Skill]

There were three types of skills. The one I needed now was probably for offense. Attack is the best defense.

[Would you like to purchase an attack skill?]

[Cost 200 points]

As soon as the skill was purchased, the message was updated.

[Skill acquired]

[Sweep] [lv.1]

[Targets enemies with martial force between 0 and 40]

[Kills enemies within a 2 meter radius]

[50 points per use]

A basic skill that can wipe out a large number of enemy soldiers at once has been generated.

This is a very useful skill on the battlefield. It consumed 50 points. I had exactly 100 points left, so I could use the skill twice.

Leveling up and increasing my martial force are the most important things but skills will increase my chances of survival on the battlefield.

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