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I was sold at the lowest price C165

I was sold at the lowest price C165: The Amurian Federation


The idea of a federal state led by the influential eastern countries Emou, Cibali, Lurva, and Linea was quickly transmitted to the other eastern nations. It was clear that the intent was to create an anti-Valkyria coalition, and the leaders of the smaller countries, who had been intimidated by Valkyria military power, all announced their intention to join them.

In the end, there were 47 countries participating in the Eastern Confederation, and their national power was comparable to that of the Valkyria Empire.

“Did Princess Ranelle take over as the first president after all?”

Jean asked, looking at some kind of information magazine.

“It seems that she has accepted the position for two years.”

Before accepting the position, Ranelle herself consulted me, but I told her that I didn’t know anything about politics or administration, so I thought it would be safe to accept the position for a limited time, but I didn’t think she would actually do it…….

“Hey, Jean! I need to talk to you for a second!”

Liza arrived at a great speed. Behind her came Obi-Wan, then Darm and Balm, and the rest of the mechanics team except for Rafishal.

“What’s the matter, you’re out of screws?”

“No, we’re not! What happened to mining the orichalcon and phoenix stone, we can’t generate a Ludia core without the materials!”

“What the hell, you guys want to generate a Ludia core?”

“Of course! There isn’t a mechanic in the world who wouldn’t be interested in creating a Ludia core, seeing something that was previously unknown technology being created right before their eyes.”

“I see, well, you may be right, our contract with the Emou Kingdom is up, so we may as well get going.”

“Has there been any talk of re-signing?”

Alana asks about Jean’s decision.

“I think they want to sign a new contract when the federal state is officially established.”

“A federal state would have to be pretty big, so why don’t we make a defense contract like with Meltaria?”

“Well, if they become a federal state, Valkyria won’t be so hard to deal with, and hopefully we’ll be rewarded handsomely without having to do anything.”

“Again, such a convenient thing to think about……”

“Yuta, if we’re leaving, what are you going to do about Nagisa, are you going to take her with you?”

“That depends on what she wants to do. In the meantime, Nagisa belongs to Amuria, so we won’t know until we ask her.”

“You don’t mind? You’ve known each other since childhood, and now you’ll be separated again.”

“Now that we have shared communications, we can always contact each other, unlike before, so I won’t feel so lonely.”

I was worried before because I didn’t even know if she was safe, but now I can keep in touch with her.

Afterwards, I told Nagisa that we were about to leave and asked her if she wanted to come with us just in case, but she was thinking the same thing and said.

“Thank you for inviting me. But Ranelle’s going to be busy now, and I need to be there for her…..”

“Well, you’re still very much a friend.”

“It’s not like that, I can contact Yuta anytime I want and we can see each other if I want to.”

“That’s true.”

Later, a federal state was formally established. The Federation of Eastern States was officially named the Amurian Federation, after the country of origin of the first head of state. It was the birth of a superpower with 47 member countries and 18,000 magicrafts under its control.

Before we left, the Amurian Federation officially offered the Iron Knights a contract. Jean and I were summoned to Ranelle.

“The Amurian Federation wishes to enter into a permanent contract with the Iron Knights.”

“We’re expensive.”

Jean sneered at Ranelle’s words.

“I’ll pay you what you deserve. The problem is the terms of the contract.”

“Basically, mercenaries should be free, I don’t like being held captive, how about we form a defense contract?”

“A defense contract…….So you’re saying you’ll come running if there’s a war?”

“Yeah, I’ll take it on those terms.”

“I really wanted you to be there for me…….”

I’m not sure why Ranelle is staring at me as she says this.

“I understand. Please make a defense contract. How about one billion for the contract and 300 million for the year?”

It was considerably better than Meltaria’s conditions. Jean seemed to be convinced and agreed with her.

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    Yuta you’re so damn dense. I am so disappointed in you. Why there’s so many MC’s in isekai not very bright?

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