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I was sold at the lowest price C166

I was sold at the lowest price C166: The Day of Departure

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On the day we left for Bealife Valley, the entrance to the subterranean river in Emou, in search of the giant beast’s nest, Nagisa and Ranelle, who was busy being the first head of state of the federal state, came to see us off.

“Yuta, don’t be too reckless. No matter how strong you are, there is always someone better than you.”

“I know, I won’t push myself.”

“If you think you can’t win, you can always run away.”

“I know, I know.”

Nagisa pestered me, she was really worried about me.

“Yuta-san……we have a defense contract with the Iron Knights, you can always come back to the Amurian Union as if it were your own country.”

Ranelle says such kind words to me, perhaps as a form of social courtesy.

“Oh, of course I’ll come back. If I don’t come back once in a while, Nagisa will be annoyed.”

“What’s that? I’m not going to nag you about it! The truth is, Yuta only wants to come because he wants to see me!”

After the exchange of goodbyes, the door closed and Fugaku began to move. Nagisa and Ranelle looked over at us until we were out of sight.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Yuta?……If Nagisa were a little wouldn’t she have followed Yuta?”

Nanami, who had probably been watching my exchange with Nagisa, said to me in a lonely tone. I smiled and said to her.

“I’ve known Nagisa for a long time, and we’ve spent a lot of time together, so I don’t miss her that much because we can talk to each other whenever we want to.”

“Well……yes, you can talk anytime now.”

To be honest, I sometimes wish Nagisa would stay by my side, but the fact that she cares about her friends is one of the things I like about her.

When I got to the bridge, Jean and Liza were arguing about something again.

“That’s why I said I need a master!”

“Master……Liza, when did you become Rafishal’s apprentice?”

“It’s only natural to look to someone who is better than you for guidance.”

“Well, that’s your choice…….”

When Liza saw me, she tried to involve me in her argument with Jean.

“Come on, Yuta, tell me what you need!”

“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

When I said that, Jean answered instead of Liza.

“Rafishal wants a substance called a magnetron.”

“If he wants it, why don’t you buy it for him?”

“Stupid, it’s ridiculously expensive! A hundred million gold a kilogram is a lot of money to spend.”

“A hundred million!……Liza, tell Rafishal to be patient.”

“You don’t know anything either, Yuta. A hundred million gold items can be worth a billion or two billion if the master makes some changes! It’s a shame that it’s a bit expensive!”

Well, it’s true that Rafishal’s invention may be worth that much…….

“But why didn’t Rafishal himself come to you?”

“Master humbly refrained by saying, ‘I’d like to, but it’s too expensive…….I can’t ask for it considering the price,’ so I, his disciple, came instead.”

I’m starting to think that’s another one of Rafishal’s schemes…….

“Jean, it’s true that Rafishal’s inventions might be worth that much, so why don’t you buy magnetron for him this time?”

When I said so, Jean, who was a little troubled, reluctantly agreed.

“It’s just this one time! We’ll go bankrupt if we have to buy this level of stuff often! Make sure you tell Rafishal that!”

When Liza heard this, she happily returned to the hangar.

“I don’t care how much money I make, it’s all going to go to material costs.”

“That means you’re going into town to stock up, and I’ve got something I need to buy.”

“That’s unusual. What do you want?”

“I need a spirit box for my room.”

“I see, you want to stay in your room and have a nice conversation with your childhood friend.”

“What are you saying……”

“Well, it’s like a child’s toy compared to Rafishal’s request, so I’ll buy you the latest Horcrux (spirit box).”

I wanted to get a used one so that we could talk slowly in my room, but I was pleasantly surprised that he would buy the latest one.

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