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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C12

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C12: Rogue Lords (12)


The enemy army retreated, and the battle was won. The number of enemy troops who returned alive was no more than 2,000, which meant that we were able to destroy a large number of troops on the mountain road.

Bente was in a state of drunkenness as he watched the whole thing unfold in front of him. Even in this state, he never stopped holding the glass and poured the alcohol into his mouth. He had already drunk so much that his face was bright red.

“Captain Centurion! That’s enough drinking!”

A subordinate next to him shook his shoulder while stopping Bente.

“Hey, what’s the use of not drinking on a day like today! What are you doing?”

Laughing loudly in a lisping tone, Bente drank more alcohol. Finally, he completely stripped off his clothes and went on a rampage.

“Hey, old man, listen to me, okay? The Lord defeated the Narja people. He’s not like any lord you’ve ever known. The Ten Warlords of Narja? He defeated that guy in one shot! Kuh-ha-ha-ha!”

Bente started his nude show. His men ran up to him and took a stand to stop him. These actions by Bente spread all kinds of rumors about Aintorian.

I heard we almost got into trouble. Narja’s people invaded again, didn’t they?

I heard the Lord stopped over 10,000 soldiers. My son actually saw them fight. Don’t tell me that lord is the one……

I heard it was 50,000, not 10,000.

5,000 men against 50,000 men?

It was mainly Bente who embellished the story. Because of this, the lord’s activities quickly spread throughout Aintorian.

The lord, who was thought to be playful and only capable of tormenting the people with his vassals, turned out to be a strong person who could stop the enemy from invading.

If Narja wins, all the cities and towns in the territory will be sacked by the Narja Kingdom army. The men would be killed and the women would be raped. I had already experienced this vicious cycle many times.

Even if he was known as a vicious lord, the fact that he stopped the invasion of the enemy was certainly an opportunity for the people to feel good about their lord.

* * *

[Martial Force: 60]

[Intelligence: ???]

[Command: ???]

[Affiliation: Lord of Aintorian]

[People’s Spirit: 40]

I’m a very ordinary person. I can use the system and its perks to increase my strength, but not my stamina. After fighting all night and running out of energy, I went back to the lord’s castle and collapsed into bed.

When I woke up, the day had passed. After awakening I found that People’s Spirit increased to 40. I don’t remember doing anything special, but we won the war.

Does it mean that no matter how bad your reputation as a corrupt lord is, if you stop the enemy army from invading, you will be more or less well received? If the enemy invades, the people will die or be taken prisoner, if I think about it, the public sentiment may rise somewhat.

Anyway, the important thing is the fact that Aintorian did not fall.

I survived. From now on, I have to live as Erhin, looking to the future. History has been rewritten, and the future of the Narja Kingdom is no longer known.

Will the Narja Kingdom force an invasion from the northern border of the Lunan Kingdom, as history has it? That was something I needed to wait and see.

The butterfly effect of the changes I had made would not be immediately apparent. Until the situation is confirmed, I’ll wait and see what happens in the territory.


“Yes, my lord.”

“Bring me all the information on the estate’s finances and tax rates.”

“You mean the financial documents?”

“Yes. I’ll have to do some studying. What are you waiting for?”

I urged the chamberlain, who was staring at me and not moving.

“Yes, sir!”

He quickly turned away and disappeared. It was obvious that he was distressed about something, but what? I was curious and asked him as soon as he came back with the materials.

“Chamberlain, do you have something to say to me?”

“No, sir.”

The chamberlain put down the materials and left with the attendants, bowing his head. If you have something to say, you could show a little hesitation in my question now, right? Is it my imagination?

Well, that doesn’t matter now. I turned away and started reading the tax books and other documents of the lord’s castle. First things first, this is what I have to do now.

In order to restore the territory corrupted by the corrupt lord Erhin to its normal state, I needed to know the current situation properly. Strangely enough, I was able to read the non-Japanese characters easily. Perhaps this was another power of the system.

“It’s just…….It’s really disgusting. That’s what I call a real villain.”

I couldn’t help but shake my head as I looked at the ledger.

The background of the era was the agricultural age. It was a time when agriculture was vital. In such a territory, the tax collected from farmland was nearly 80%.

It was just too much. At the very least, they should make sure that the people in the territory don’t have to live in poverty. Taking away 80% of the harvested crops is not a normal situation.

According to the laws of the Lunan Kingdom, the tax to be collected from the territory is 50%. Of the 50% collected, 20% is to be given to the king. The current Aintorian, however, collects not 50% but more than 80% of the taxes under various names.

The person taking the lead in this was the tax officer in charge of collecting taxes for the territory. Naturally, he was one of the vassals.

Viscount Den Bord, he is the one who is robbing the people along with Erhin. He is certainly a vassal that should be eliminated first. At any rate, it would be better to meet him once to see what kind of person he is.


“Yes, Master.”

I called the chamberlain again. If there was one thing I had a question about, it was that at first it seemed as if he was intimidated by me, but that didn’t seem to be the case. He just seems to be thoroughly interested in my good mood. Well, I don’t mind that, since he’s a fast and capable worker.

“Call Viscount Bord. I have something to ask him.”


“I’ll get him right away.

The chamberlain turned away, still expressing no doubts. Soon after, Viscount Bord arrived in my study. Viscount Bord was just a fat old man, his basic abilities were terrible.

“You wanted to see me, sir?

Is this old man the core of the people’s suffering?

Did it really come from Erhin’s orders or did that man instigate Erhin, that’s the point. Is Erhin the only bad guy, or are they both bad guys?

“I hear you have won the battle. As expected, the lord is a blessing to his people!”

Viscount Bord suddenly began to flatter me.

“I can’t believe the lord fought in person!”

I couldn’t bear to listen, so I interrupted him and got right to the point.

“Now, about the taxes…”

“Yes, sir. What about taxes?

“Why don’t we raise the taxes a little? Lobbying in the capital is expensive enough as it is.”

“That’s…….But, my lord, any more than that and we’ll be in trouble.”

Oh, really? Do you disagree?

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